Chapter 29: Opening of the Secret Realm!
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A small ripple originated from a point hundreds of metres above the gathering of disciples. It was the Spatial Anchor of the Demon Beast Haven Realm. The disciples gazed upwards, filled with anticipation, fear, excitement and awe. This was a new adventure they were going on!

In unison, Yuan Feng and Bai Heng sprang into action, retrieving identical silver rings engraved with strange and intricate patterns from their storage rings and pumping their Zhenqi into them. The rings exuded a silvery, mystical aura as they rapidly expanded and flew towards the Spatial Anchor.

On the other side, Shi Yingjun put on a glove.

The rings expanded and intersected, perpendicular to each other with the Spatial Anchor as their common centre.

“Brother Shi, now!” Yuan Feng’s voice boomed, as he poured all his Zhenqi into the artefact.

“HAAH!” Shi Yingjun blasted off the ground, cratering the poor thing again. His body turned into an untraceable blur that reappeared right outside the intertwined rings.

Adamantine Demon Body!

Adamantine Fist - Form 4: Subduing the Gods!

His Blood Qi erupted like a volcano, condensing into his gloved palm which he slammed towards the Spatial Anchor with his full force! Even before he fully extended his arm, the air exploded, causing ear-shattering sonic booms that would kill even an Earthen Origin cultivator. Even Sky Spirits would be heavily injured if they did not use their Zhenqi to protect their body! 

The tremendous power generated slammed into the Spatial Anchor causing it to distort violently.

Actually, no matter how overpowered a Fusion Realm being was, they couldn’t do anything to space. It wasn’t like those Xianxia novels where space was like tissue paper, tearing open from a sneeze - to manipulate space, one needed specific Artefacts and/or Array Formations. And the rings and the glove were exactly that. The rings made the space ‘tangible’ to the user of the glove so that they could… Well, slap it.


With a strange sound, the rings glowed brightly, the Spatial Anchor which had been rippling violently, stabilised and slowly expanded until it formed a pale blue circular portal. 

‘Oooh, that looks straight out of a dungeon fantasy! I wonder if I’ll find mages next?’ Xiao Hong felt it would be interesting, ‘Yeah right, like that’s happening!’

What Xiao Hong found strange about this portal was that it was a circle from all directions! Left, right, up or down, it looked like a perfectly circular portal. ‘Some fucking higher-dimensional weirdness…’ Xiao Hong concluded since she couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

That is when she heard Bai Heng speak loudly, “All disciples of Purple Spirit Sect, go in!”

Xiao Hong threw the thoughts of mages and dungeons to the back of her head and made her way into the portal.


After sending away the disciples, the Inner Sect Disciples stayed for a day before Bai Heng and Yuan Feng put away the silver rings. On the other hand, Shi Yingjun also put away his glove - albeit a bit reluctantly. It couldn’t be helped; this thing was a great toy after all! 

That feeling of slapping space with your hands… Mmm! Delectable!

After waiting for a few more days, Yuan Feng spoke up, “Let’s go, Brother Shi, Brother Bai, I brewed a new wine, and I swear it’s the best I’ve ever brewed in my entire life! Wanna have a taste?!”

Shi Yingjun, who looked like he was about to fall asleep, immediately jolted awake! “Haha, Brother Yuan, I’ve been waiting for you to say that~!”

Yuan Feng’s mouth twitched. ‘This fellow… is much smarter than he lets on! Thank Goodness he’s a Martial Artist of the Adamantine Fist Sect and has no talent for the Immortal Path. If it weren’t for the fact that they needed to temper their Martial Intent, this cunning bastard would be much harder to deal with.’

A Martial Artist at the Martial Intent Realm, which was equivalent to the Soul Palace, needed to condense and refine their Martial Intent from the Martial Arts they practised - this had an effect on their personalities; while it didn’t completely change them, it diverted away from their original path. 

And since Shi Yingjun practised the main technique of the Sect - the Adamantine Fist and the Adamantine Body, he would be affected and become straightforward. But this bastard still found a way to maintain his meticulous personality despite reaching Fusion! This was why he was a Core Disciple candidate!

Therefore, Yuan Feng was especially careful when he was dealing with this fellow.

“Brother Bai, you coming?” Yuan Feng looked over at Bai Heng who currently had a ghastly expression on his face as he held the Sect Token.

Yuan Feng’s heart skipped a beat, he guessed that the Purple Spirit Sect had most likely contacted him, resulting in this expression. This meant his operation was a success! He wasn’t even reluctant to share his wine anymore!

Bai Heng shook his head and said absentmindedly, “No need, you guys go.” He then took flight and disappeared. 

Shi Yingjun also had a guess in his heart, causing him to sneer contemptuously. He really detested these kinds of people who would throw away their own at the slightest benefit. 

As for Yuan Feng? Shi Yingjun didn’t think he was at fault at all. He knew that as lecherous as Yuan Feng might be, he was ready to sacrifice for his own people. He still remembered that determined gaze more than a century ago.  That determination to give up his life to protect his Sectmates. It was in the very same Secret Realm that was in front of them!

It had a profound impact on him back then and ultimately led to the decision to cultivate the Adamantine Fist and the Adamantine Demon Body!


Five days later at the very same position.


With a gust of wind, a figure cloaked in what seemed to be the Darkest Shadows appeared from thin air.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Eight more figures appeared right behind the first figure and respectfully fell to their knees, with their right hands on their hearts!

“We greet the High Inquisitor Eastborn!”

“Hm. Preparations?” A smooth and sultry voice sounded as the figure took off the hood revealing a lush shoulder-length, purple hair. A bewitchingly beautiful face was revealed to the world. Her pair of mysterious purple eyes with ever-shifting tones seemed to hold Arcane Truths beyond what anyone could ever comprehend. Her perfect pink lips were like ripe juicy fruits, making one want to have a taste.

“Everything is ready, madam!” One of the figures said, respect evident in his tone.

“What about the Demonic Path cultivators?”

“They’ve agreed to our proposal. Although they are very sceptical, they have sent three Nirvana cultivators, that is, Elemental Lifeform-level beings.” A different cloaked figure answered.

“Hehe, so what if they’re sceptical? It’s not like they have a choice - the Immortal Path is so strong the Demonic Path can’t even breathe freely! If they don’t cooperate with us, they’re doomed!” The woman named High Inquisitor Eastborn sneered, her eyes flickering with disdain - she really despised these cockroaches hiding in the dark. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had no choice, she would never have worked with them - nobody wanted to be inexplicably stabbed in the back!

‘Sadly, those Martial Path idiots are too straight-laced sometimes. And the more cunning ones are no better than the Demonic Path!’ she lamented, before shaking her head, ‘Forget it, this is not the time.’

“Anyway, what about the Inner Disciples of the Purple Spirit Sect and the Adamantine Fist Sect?” She continued to question.

“Bai Heng is gone - he is probably on his way back to receive punishment from the Sect. As for Shi Yingjun, as a Martial Artist, his lifeform level hasn’t reached high enough to detect anything.” Another cloaked figure replied.

“Very good. This Yuan Feng is unexpectedly good. He caused enough damage that the Purple Spirit Sect even recalled Bai Heng…

“Hmm. Raise his evaluation by one star.” 

Yet another cloaked figure acknowledged, “Yes!”

A determined look came over her face, “Once we have captured this Secret Realm, our job here is done, and we can return. The rest will be done by the actual experts when it is time!” 

The eight figures stirred slightly as if agitated, making the woman giggle, “Yes, you too. Your sentences will be over as long as you give it your all!”

“Thank you, my lady! We’ll be eternally grateful to you!” All the eight figures exclaimed in extreme agitation.

“Alright, alright, let’s get to work first.”

She stepped under the Spatial Anchor and raised her arm straight up. She muttered a few strange words under her breath and in a split-second, a huge purple-coloured circle appeared above her palm. Inside the circle were a large number of runic patterns winding, twisting and intertwining with geometric patterns - seemingly without sense. 

Yet, despite its apparent chaotic design, it had a strange sense of order within the chaos. There was a sense of natural beauty to it that simply could not be described in words.

But, if one had to describe it, they would say - ‘MAGIC’