The Princess of Deviluke
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Character Profile:
Shizuka Nadeshiko (Female)
Race: Human
Bloodline: Nadeshiko Clan
Size: Height 166 cm, Weight 45 kg, 3 sizes; B95-W58-H91
Weapon: Kunai
Ability: Wind Nature affinity (Passive), Weapon Efficiency (Passive), Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Revolving Cut (Active), Nadeshiko-Style Hardliner Gale Fist (Active), Nadeshiko-Style Deep Crimson Dance Performance (Active), Dance Performance: Second Step (Active), Violent Whirlwind (Active).

Trivia: The word 'Shizuka' (静か) means 'quiet'.


The goblins jumping off from one branch to another, delightfully circling the area as they spread fear and panic into their trapped victim, so much better than just ending up their life immediately.

They had seen the capability of this group, the only person that brought danger was the female, but they didn't fear her due to having confidence in number.

Then all of them stopped moving, they lifted up the small bow in hand and pulled out an arrow from the back, aiming toward Alex's group then shot out the arrow from various directions.

Shizuka had to deflect the one that aimed for Alex, while Dick and Damian could only protect themselves with the rifle and hands. Soon several arrows had jabbed many spots in their bodies, but luckily no mortal wounds.

They drank the potions but the effect would only effective in 3 minutes later, by the next wave of arrow attacks, they couldn't possibly survive.

Shizuka let out a yell and threw her kunai in a barrage mode yet possessed a deadly aim, as it managed to pass several parts of the trees that covered the goblins' bodies but only caused a few injuries, the goblins could still up and running, greatly annoyed Shizuka.

If this was a plain field, she could have turned them into a hedgehog in a mere second...

"Forget that mage and the woman, focus all the attack on the other two people!"

"Kaka, time to end the show!"

They spoke out loud without concern, thinking that the human ahead wouldn't possibly understand the goblin's language.

Alex looked at Shizuka, he patted her shoulder, "Please, protect them, this will their last attack, believe me."

Shizuka hesitated for a while, then nodded.

"Kill them!" one of the goblins roared, they stopped on many different places and began to shot arrows toward Dick and Damian.

"Oh no, we screwed!" the two soldiers knew those arrows were all intended for them, could only shut their eyes and begged for Kami to save them.

Shizuka leaped above all of them, and she twirled in the mid-air, scattering out numerous kunai just like a thunderous rain, deflecting each arrow to the last single one of them.

The goblins screamed in frustration, swearing an oath to gang bang this woman once she fell into their hands.

At this moment, the summoning sequence was finished, Alex looked at the hole and quickly said, "Please, grant us your assistance Ms. Deviluke!"

The girl possessed a pair of purple eyes, her short pink hair styled with a black hairband and two ball-shaped hair ornaments, her delicate figure clad in a green-black dress with a golden pearl neck choker, and a pair of spiral-themed long shocks covered her slender legs, ended up in a pair of black shoes. A black tail with a spade-shaped pointy end extended from her rear.

If this on Earth, people would think she's cosplaying.

The girl opened her eyes and looked at Alex, it took no more than a second for her to know what happened, she took out her phone and pressed the dial on it.

"Come out, Shibarisugi!"

Immediately on the not far ground, one big tree emerged out from the ground, it had two pair big eyes and scary mouth on its body, numerous roots, and branches behaved like a tentacle, traveled in all four directions.

"Ki?!" the tentacle easily tangled up the goblins in the surrounding area, either their hands, legs, or bodies got captured and wrapped in sturdy plants.

"Whoa?!" even Alex and Shizuka also wrapped by them, the two soldiers got their feet grabbed and had been swung all over the places.

"Stop, stop, my head is dizzy!!!" Dick screamed frantically while Damian already passed out.

"Hehe..." the girl jumped out from the hole with a smiling face, said, "please to meet you all, my name is Momo Bella Deviluke, the 3rd Princess of Deviluke Planet."


"Ms. Deviluke... I am very happy... acquaintance with you..." Alex hardly said as the tentacle tightly coiled around his slim figure, his head already turned red.

"Let us go, you fool!!! You're killing us!!!!!!!" Shizuka was rare to lash out her anger, but this nonsense really trigged her switch, "kya?!"

One tentacle slipped inside her cloth and touched her breast.

"Oh, I am sorry!!" Momo's smiling face faded and turned into a panic one, she glared at the tree and shouted, "let go of them, they are not the enemy!!!"

The tree startled and quickly put down the two of them, Shizuka and Alex gasped for breath while the former took out her kunai, seemingly prepared to kill the perverted tree.

"Shizuka, wait, wait, although it was rude, the tree had done a great job by restraining the goblins, now's your chance to kill them," Alex quickly ran toward her front, restraining her anger.

She gritted her teeth, before letting out a snort and went toward all the hanging and trapped goblins, killing them one by one.

"Ms. Deviluke, I don't think this is too much of a stretch for you right? I mean, you are an alien after all..." Alex said as he approached the girl.

"Oh, yes, but this is my first time to be summoned as someone's slave..." she said while still smiling.

"Err... n-no... You're not my slave, of course..." Alex wryly smiled.

"So, binding my life with you, making me unable to kill you isn't a sort of slavery?"

"No," Alex calmly said, "the binding is insurance... slavery means I can order you whatever I want without a single rejection, you, on the other hand, had the free will to choose to cooperate with me or not, I can even send you back."

"So, can I go home now?"

"Oh, please don't, you are pretty expensive!" Alex almost had his tears burst out, Momo was a Grade B character, summoning her lost him 500,000 P!

Momo startled at Alex's sudden plead, the corner of her lips twitched before she came out laughing, then tiptoe toward him with her hands behind her back, said, "Ok, then I decide to tarry a while."

Alex sighed in relief, but inside he helplessly laughed, he knew Momo would stay no matter what; for someone with the ability to communicate with plants, she definitely excited to explore Fantasia, and he knew she was a good kid, also hate study.

Meanwhile, on the nearby, Dick and Damian still hung upside down, and Jason still wept painfully deep down in the hole.


"So, your task is to defeat a dragon? Sounds like a lame RPG..." Momo stood beside Jason while grasping a flower in her hand, the petal was aimed at Jason while it showed him with the spore, Shizuka mending on his broken bone.

"Don't complain about it to me..." Alex bitterly smiled, then he looked upward, said, "though I don't mind such a game, as long not a real-life experience like this."

"What? You don't have the confidence to defeat the dragon?" she glanced at him with a questioning stare.

"I have the confidence alright," Alex drank a mouthful of water, then said, "just think I am not up for the task."


"There it's done," Shizuka said after wrapped a bandage around Jason's leg, the latter drank the potion to heal it slowly...

"Probably required 5 or 6 potions in the regular consumption for your leg to be completely healed..." Alex said, giving out four in his possession to Jason.

"No, Mr. Star... this is... this is too kind of you... I should be protecting you..." Jason said with a red face.

"Don't sweat it, I have a lot, thanks to the goblins."

Dick and Damian also declined their faces, feeling useless and worthless, in the end, they required Shizuka to protect them and Momo to finish the problem.

Alex looked at the three soldiers and knew what currently inside their minds, he smiled and sat on a rock, said, "You know... when I first started my company, I was confident, thinking that money will come to me like an ants to sugar; I rent a big building and hired lots of people..."

"I was so wrong... many of our products just fail... I had to move the office to a smaller place, then finally only a house... I had to let some people go because I can't pay them any longer..."

"But we never give up... even if I have to only eat noddle once and drank tap water, we kept producing, didn't quit inventing..."

He swept his eyes, stared at them seriously, "Because I knew- we knew... that if we gave up that day... we are the loser... we are worse than a bunch of worthless..."

"This what we called a quarter-life career... and you are currently feeling in... I know, I have been there... maybe some of you think to quit, to give up, thinking the job is not the one for you, not fitting..." he shrugged, "I am not saying it's not true... but also not wrong either..."

"What I meant is... when the doubt of your profession came knocking on your doorstep... it's either you escape through the backdoor... or you open and face it like a man... but if you just let it knocking without doing anything... you are the real loser."

"Feeling pathetic about your job? Ok, what do you want to do about it? Are you going to feel pathetic forever? Are you going to move on and finding a new life? Are you going to improve yourself?"

"Let me tell you now; I have enough resources to hire competent people, but I am not... because I think... you can do it... the question is; can you?"

"..." The entire area went silent, Shizuka curled on the ground, hugging her knees while Momo observed from the side, looking at Alex with interested eyes.

Alex glanced at the sky, he was feeling quite tired too after the all of the excitement and tension, said, "Let's set a camp tonight, we move out tomorrow."

No one answered.


Three tents erected; one occupied by Alex, one by Jason, and the last one by Dick and Damian, these were coming from the system.

Shizuka said that she will sleep on the tree, while Momo had summoned a special plant to act as a room.

Alex played with the system, had upgraded his Technology ability level to the max, cost him 66,000 points, and left the remaining 435,440 points, now he was checking up the schematics in the item tab.

He bought a glue from the system and tried to combine it with his grenade, resulting in a sticky bomb... this was a creation without a schematic, so basically, he could mix up a lot of stuff and possibly created something new...

He wanted to actually create a high-advance weapon, probably railgun or lightsaber...

They both available in the equipment tabs, but the price was ridiculous, one railgun cost 3,000,000 while lightsaber cost 1,500,000...

But if he built it from scratch, the total costs just 1,000,000... this system rip him off 500,000 points.

When he confronted the system, Alex couldn't believe its reply.

"Gotta make a living, Alex."

Freaking hell... do you need some bills to pay?!

A schematic usually for an item that required complex components such as Rocket Lance... the lance part was easy... but the rocket part though...

"Jetpack, Mini-gun, Chainsaw..."



Alex closed the menu and glanced to the side, found out small pink hair and beautiful face peeked through the gap of his tent.

"Ms. Deviluke, what can I do to help?" he gently lifted the corner of his lips.

"I made some honey... do you want one?" she gently said.

"Honey?" Alex startled, then he thought it must be from one of her plants, Alex squinted his eyes, hesitantly said, "it's... not dangerous, right?"

"Of course, why do I offer it then?" Momo strolled in with a fancy teapot in her hand.

"Alright... I guess I try one..." Alex smiled, "though, I prefer a glass of wine."

"Hehe, believe me, this is better than wine..." Momo poured a golden liquid into two cups, these were smalls, exactly like a sake cup.

She gave one to Alex and they toast before drinking it, he was expecting a heavy sweet taste to envelop his mouth, but what he got was a mixture between bitterness and sweet, couldn't help but let out a comfortable hum from his tone.

"See? What did I tell you?" Momo sweetly laughed, Alex nodded in agreement.

They drank again for some more, Alex's body slowly heated up and his face smudged in redness as if he was drunk.

"Ms. Deviluke, do you know how it feels to be single and let alone a virgin for about 40 years... it's like being the weirdest creature on the planet."

"No, I don't think so... I do know some races already 100 years old and still single... but, that probably... because either they still a child or didn't have sexual organs..."

"It is so difficult... to maintain integrity in the front of... *hick* those... bosomy... *hick* sexy ladies... sometimes... I want to bend them over the table and... *hick* what is the word again... *hick* oh yeah, fuck their brains out..."

"..." Momo widened her eyes, looking at Alex's flustered and delirious mumbled, she thought, 'is he... drunk?'

She looked at the honey in her cup, a human possibly couldn't handle it... but she thought he only took about 4 or 5 glass? Was it that strong?

"Uhh... if not... if not for this blasted transmigration... *hick* I would have... I would have slept with Jane... and might be got married *hick* a month later... then have two children... *hick* and died old together... *hick* I might die first thought... and then she remarried *hick* a fucking BBC..."

Momo didn't know who or what this BBC is... perhaps a famous singer?

"What the heck *hick* that person thinking... fighting a dragon? *hick* Why don't just transmigrate some Chinese... or Japanese also work..."

What's this Chinese Race? Was it a powerful combatant?

"Eeeh... I struggled for 26 years... now I have to struggle again... where is my reward... I want a girl to bring home..."

Was he... crying?

Momo widened her eyes, looking at Alex that seemingly drowned in his drunkness, started letting out what he had been hiding for so long, the deep frustration and grudge.

"Why you leave me just because I am not rich... does money make you happy? I got money but I am not really happy... just... why?"

"You know I miss you..."

"You not very pretty back then, but I think you're most beautiful..."

"Ok, that's enough..." Momo said, sliding her legs to get closer to Alex, grasping his body to lay him down, the older man still spoke and mumbled random grieves.

When Momo was about to leave, Alex's hand extended and grabbed her left arm, then he harshly yanked her down.

"Eck!" Momo yelped, laying on Alex's body with her chest, then before she got the chance to recover, Alex grasped the back of her head then pulled it down.

Afterward, in the blink of a moment, his soft and thick lips enveloped the pink youthful of that Momo Bella Deviluke.


Momo Bella Deviluke