Torture Games (2)
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Time to continue the torture~


As blood flowed from the head, I had already moved on to the next one…

Their eyes, completely filled with fear, yet magically still had a glimmer of hope, truly magnificent. 

I smiled at him, before appearing in front of him and severing his arms from his body. 

"AAAAAAGRH" Well damn. This guy can scream pretty damn hard. He could have been a fine opera singer. I wonder why he decided to become a pirate. Because of 'freedom'? 

Not like freedom even exists. It's just a word that got invented giving a meaning to something we can never be.

You can never be free because you are always bound to rules. If no rules made by others are bound to you, your own rules will still shackle you.

Anyways, the now armless man was screaming in pain as blood spewed out of him. Aaahhh, I could just watch this all day…

F*ck, why did I suddenly get so bored. I just don't feel like playing with these nice people anymore.

Well then… I don't want to play with you guys anymore.

Time to use a new skill of mine. 

I made some gestures and besides me, 2 abominations made out of bones formed.

They were some weird chimera like creatures. One looked like a gorilla fused with a gigantic centipede.

While the other looked like a frog combined with a crocodile.

"Boys, you two can have a feast now." I don't even know If they can even taste sh*t but oh well. Nobody cares either way. 

They devoured them bit by bit and played catch with each other using the still alive hunters. They tied their hands and feet to the other bodies and used it as a rope to play with.

I yawned while looking at them. I guess I will take a nap or something and let my dear pets have some fun.


(Unknown POV)

Hello there, my name is Matthew Jefferson. Something extraordinary happened to me a few days ago.

I transmigrated into another world! And not just any world! It's the world of One Piece. I always loved the manga.

It all happened when I got hit by the legendary truck-kun then a God appeared before me and told me I could make a wish. It all sounded surreal to me.

Now want to hear what fantastic wish I made?

It was a system with naruto powers! I can become a God with this. I will create a huge harem with Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, Nami, Vivi Nefetari and much more!

I am so excited!!!

Right now, I am in my house located at the edge of this village. 

There were some problems or something and nobody has left their house since it began.

When I first heard of it, I got the best idea ever! I will save this village from the problems and become a hero! Then the hot daughter of the village chief will begin to love me and she will then be my first harem member.

I am such a genius!

So, let's begin the operation! From the information I have right now. It all began yesterday night. Loud screams and cries were heard from within the forest on the west. When some hunters went to check it out only one returned covered in blood and missing his arm. 

He was crying and all. He told us a man with golden eyes had tortured and slaughtered 3 of his fellow hunters. Then 2 weird creatures appeared behind him and started using the other hunters as toys and played with them while slowly eating and killing them.

The hunter committed suicide the same night.

When I heard all of this I got really scared. But I have the almighty system and naruto abilities! So I can easily defeat this threat.

[Host has met the conditions for a special quest.]

[Quest: Investigate and Exterminate]

[Description: An unknown anomaly has appeared in the One Piece world. This anomaly will cause terrific changes to the future as you know it. Investigate what or who this anomaly is and exterminate it.

Clear Rewards: Fusion of: Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan, Tenseigan and Akatsuki. (A/N: I am just randomly throwing shit into it bcs I felt like it.)

This is an unavoidable quest.]

Howly shizzle, what is up with this reward. Won't I be OP as heck when I clear the quest. I could rule the world with hot babes on my side! Hell yes, I accept this quest.

[Host accepted the quest]

Good! Time to investigate! 

I went outside and walked through the streets and greeted the few people outside.

I soon reached the beginning of the forest. I looked at it before taking a deep breath and entered. 

It was quiet, too quiet. I activated a special ability I gained when something went wrong with my transmigration, Hawk Eyes.

It allows me to look at myself and my surroundings from above. 

I could see lots of things such as the village and the ocean. I also saw a place with trees smashed down and withered plants.

That must be the place I have to look.

And so my journey towards greatness began.


Author here. Short chapter I know. I am just too lazy to continue writing and yall deserve a chapter even if it's small.

Some of you must already know what I am planning to do with our new 'protagonist' like character but keep it a secret.

Hope you enjoyed it and it's time for me to go now… bye