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/ Series / One Piece: Immortal Psycho
One Piece: Immortal Psycho
One Piece: Immortal Psycho
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3.4 (15 ratings)
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Just a 'simple' psychopath on a journey in another world. Not just any world though. It is One Piece. How would he know though?

How will our friendly neighborhood psychopath survive in this new world?

Will he even be able to avoid death?


Well f*ck...

Damn executioners... Couldn't they be more gentle?

Well... I died... I guess?

Why do I still feel so alive then?


If you are the owner of the cover and don't want it to be used here please tell me.

- Disclaimer
One piece doesn't belong to me.
All rights about one piece characters and the One piece world go to Oda.

One Piece
Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation
  1. OnceAug 9, 2020
  2. SomebodyJun 15, 2020
  3. Necrosis with bubblesJun 15, 2020
  4. A system’s true goal (3)Mar 30, 2020
  5. A system’s true goal (2)Mar 30, 2020
  6. A system’s true goal (1)Mar 30, 2020
  7. Torture Games (4)Mar 30, 2020
  8. Torture Games (3)Mar 14, 2020
  9. Torture Games (2)Mar 14, 2020
  10. Torture Games (1)Mar 14, 2020
  11. Just another dayJan 22, 2020
  12. Tea party (2) [R-18]Jan 12, 2020
  13. Tea party (1)Jan 12, 2020
  14. Roger piratesJan 12, 2020
  15. A wild Cracker Man appearedJan 12, 2020
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