A system’s true goal (2)
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I slowly walked to the parasite that called itself 'The System'. The fire monsters had already been dealt with and Frogodile and Goripede were standing besides me. The tiger skulls were circulating the parasite from above and were ready to attack at any time. The tornado of bones had seized to exist and now countless shards and bones were floating in the air without even the slightest movement. 

I looked down at the parasite. "Now, care to tell me what your true purpose is? Or do I have to torture you for the answers?" It doesn't matter if you talk or not. I will torture you either way so feel free to talk.

It didn't respond so I summoned a bone and stabbed into its knee. It showed a small pained expression before returning to the indifferent look. So my theory was correct. Now that it has a physical body it can feel pain. "Not responding huh. I guess I should use the hard way." Hard way my ass. This is the fun way.

I crouched down, "I am a little hungry. Maybe I should get something to eat? Oh! I know. I am going to make a sandwich!" I said while acting excited.

I will get some grated cheese first. I took out a bucket made from bones and placed on the ground. I placed it's arm above the bucket. I then summoned a bone which closely resembled a cheese scraper. 

I binded a rope around the arm causing blood to stop flowing. 

I grabbed the arm of the parasite and held the scraper against it. I slowly began to pull it down. The parasite was already showing a pained expression. What a weakling. I kept pulling the scraper down and soon blood started to flow as small grated pieces of flesh started to fall off. The parasite was biting it's lips in an attempt to calm down the pain, which resulted in itt's lips bleeding. Although it tried to hide it's pained expression it was still visible. 

I continued scraping it's skin as I slowly removed all the skin on the right arm. Although I prevented it from bleeding there was still blood in the arm which flowed out. Such a waste. My scraper is covered in blood now. 

I looked at the bucket which was already filled with a lot of grated 'cheese' and smiled. I grabbed a few and ate them. Such a delicacy. 

"Grated 'Cheese' sure is delicious don't you agree?  If you tell me your purpose I will let you have a bite. No? Disappointing. You won't know what you are missing out on." The parasite had a grossed expression and attempted to vomit only for nothing to happen. I guess even an entity such as this abomination is able to have emotions. 

Well he does have a physical form including a brain now. 

Anyway, now that I have the grated 'cheese' so what now? Meat? I already have enough of that so there is no need for that. Maybe some tomatoes?  Yep, tomatoes are a must. I also know exactly what to use.

 I pointed the khoseph into the direction of the parasite. "Should I take one or two? I think one should be enough." I approached the parasite once more and held him closely against the ground as I removed something from his face. 

Spontaneously, the parasite began to release a loud scream. I guess it wasn't able to keep calm anymore. I thought while holding a ball-like object in my hand.

"Oops. I didn't know that this tomato belonged to someone. Oh well. Too late now." I said before throwing the 'tomato' into the air and slicing it into small pieces before catching the slices and placing them on a circular like bone. 

Oh! I almost forgot! I need bread! 

I appeared besides the parasite and strapped a rope around his leg. I need to remove the blood and luckily we don't need the foot. I took out a heavy looking bone sword and swung it at the foot. A clean cut. Perfect. The remaining blood started to flow out. Luckily it didn't last super long so I could quickly continue.

I placed the sharp side of the knife near the knee and started moving it. Slowly cutting through the tender delicious look mea- I mean bread.

As I kept cutting the parasite began to become more aggressive as it kept trying to move it's leg, but I immediately calmed him down with an energy beam from one of the tiger skulls.  

Aaaand done! I quickly cutted of the other side before cleansing the thigh of all that annoying hair. I then sliced the thigh in two in order to have a top and a bottom. I of course removed the bone because who in the right mind would eat bones? That sounds ridiculous!

I placed the part that served as bottom on the plate and divided the tomato slices on it. I placed the top next to it because I need other ingredients first.

So, now for the lettuce. I guess the ears are good. How would it be able to hear me talk though? I could use just one of the ears instead of both. It does sound like a good replacement.

I swiftly cut off one of the ears and blood spattered out. I immediately bandaged it so the blood stopped spattering. The parasite flinched heavily, and vomited a load of gastric acid.

"Are you sure you don't want any?" I looked at it. It once again didn't answer. I clicked my tongue and said "Your loss."

I placed the ear on the bread before turning back to the parasite. I immediately began cutting it's abdomen open. 

Poor parasite was having a tough time trying to remain calm. But who cares. I am making a sandwich. Priorities people, priorities! 

I wanted to handle it quickly because the other ingredients were starting to get cold. So I ripped a liver out and placed it on the bread. I used some blood as sauce and placed the top on it. Voila~ A delicious sandwich.

I sat down and began to eat. I took a big bit from it and of course it was magnificent. It certainly is one of the finest sandwiches I have ever created. 

I quietly enjoyed my sandwich before walking to the half dead parasite. "Now mind to tell me what your true goal is. I could even heal you if you were to talk " Of course I wouldn't.

It looked at me as I gave my most honest expression. The parasite seemed to think for a few seconds before it opened its mouth. 

"T-the tr-true goal is…"