31.2. Conspiracies (part 2)
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Conspiracies (part 2)

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The feeling of wanting to possess this Extreme Alpha, this is rather peculiar and foolish... Mu Liang has an FFF body, while Odile has an SSS body. If it were in his old world it would be something like an ordinary human and without cultivation wanting an exclusive relationship with a cultivator at the Immortal Realms level.

That's impossible!

This leads to the thought that if he had strong family support, that would not be impossible. Of course, things were very different in this world, but he didn't know if zerg had the same culture as humans in this world. Mu Liang did not know if the zerg were monogamous or if they had several partners.

"Come to think of it, I don't know what sexual freedom of this species is like," Mu Liang thought a little stunned. He knew that the sexual freedom of the humans of the future was very free. Since no one commits a crime, human beings were not too ashamed of their sex lives.

There were monogamous relationships, poly-love relationships, open relationships, harem relationships, there was also no sexual inhibition. Just observe the life that the original Mu Liang led, he had several sexual partners and boyfriends, of course, nothing that lasted more than two months, never being censored by anyone.

"Well, I can't tell you about all the zerg since there are dozens of zerg species in the Xenon Universe. However, the previous emperor had three women. One is the empress who is the mother of the current emperor, the second prince, Odile, and the first princess. And he had two more concubines, the first concubine had two children and the other woman had a child." Alessandra-066 said when she noticed her user's peculiar doubt.

"Well, at least it's not a harem of 3000 beauties or something like that" thought Mu Liang a little relieved. He also could not be sure if it was just the Emperor who had this duty or right to marry more than one person.

However, Mu Liang astonished these curious thoughts and again thought about his strange situation.

He had already begun to think about it when he woke up for the second time in this new world, after all, he had been almost kidnapped and the energy of chaos could have taken away his little life, so of course, he cared about the vampire situation attacking his fam maternal ilia because he could become the target again of kidnapping or murder.

But realistically Mu Liang didn't have much emotion for this imperial elf grandfather or the family of the previous Mu Liang since he hasn't met them until now.

However, Mu Liang would be foolish not to worry about losing one of his support in this world. He had the support of the Zatrara Empire and the Tang-Kai Empire.

Unfortunately, now he was going to the territory of the Demon Zerg, which prevented him from enjoying his family's influence. Only this family of yours was also what would give him security in other territories.

Mu Liang came from an ancient world, but he understood that the intergalactic imperialist world was very similar to his previous world, the world of the martial cultivator that was situated in ancient empires. If a person marries an imperial family, that person has to have strong support to achieve the least respect within the imperial domain of the spouse.

So Mu Liang cannot take this war between vampires and his grandfather imperial elf lightly.

"My subordinates are still investigating these kidnappers. About the war in the Zatrara Empire, my older brother has already sent one of our elite battalions. However, it's still too early to know if this is just a quick conflict or whether it's going to escalate into a war that can last for years," Odile said very seriously.

Needless to say, a long war can drain the resources of the Zatrara Empire and the allies, however, it could also delay catastrophic destruction.

Dealing with creatures of Chaos was quite problematic, as they attacked as pests the planets that had the Energy of the Order. This also meant that they were quick in their attacks and tried to deal as much damage as possible if the war escalates into a prolonged war it would mean that these creatures of Chaos were under the command of a third involved.

This possible third involved may be a Vampire Duke or a traitor to the ZEFH alliance, which was much worse than if it were a war to prey on the Energy of the Order.

However, a protracted war would give the chance for more allies and reinforcements of the Élfica Federation to arrive to help defend this war. Which could turn the scales to a victory?

Mu Liang received the news quietly, he showed no expression of panic or fear, nor anger or frustration, which left General Azikiwe's soldiers with a good impression of Odile's companion.

An omega with emotional self-control was seen with great positivity by the military, not that it was something rare since Receptive omegas and omega variant was working with the military.

However, recessive omegas were rare within the work of the military, mainly for the Zerg Demons who were war experts.

Many recessive omegas could not hide the scent of their emotions, which made it unsuitable for military training. The Alphas would feel guilty when they saw the suffering of recessive omegas, which hinders the training or orders of the superiors.

Better explaining, the Recessive Omegas had a very strong scent and became more evident the stronger their emotions are. It doesn't matter if the recessive omega has a poker face, the scent of his body will show his true intentions.

Mu Liang was a little special because they could feel the scent of lust and the desire for sex, but no one could feel anything more than that. Does that mean Mu Liang just wanted to have sex all the time? Of course, that's not realistic. Mu Liang was having a serious conversation with General Odile about his family's well-being and his safety.

What did that show?

That this recessive omega was masked his emotions using the strong scent of lust!

That's what made Mu Liang scary!

Of course, Mu Liang did not know about all the soldiers' considerations and how surprised his followers were with their camouflage "ability." Even if he knew he could only look confused at all this since he wouldn't even know that his perfume smelled of lust!

"Odile, what are the chances of all this being a conspiracy?" Mu Liang asked seriously looking at this zerg "groom".

"We still don't have enough information to say things like conspiracies. However, with my years of experience as a General... The possibility of being a conspiracy is 70%," Odile said sincerely, he stroked Mu Liang's back, as if comforting his omega.

To the soldiers, it looked like their general was flirting with his fiancé!

Soldiers: (...)

General stop rubbing your happy life on our faces!

Mu Liang only felt comfortable with the movements of Odile's hands on his back, he even stretched out a bit like a lazy cat, before talking again about serious things:

"I think so too. Since, strangely, the day I should have met you, instead of taking the medicine to inhibit my hormones, I ended up swallowing an egg from the soul-eating worm... Now this kidnapping thing and the war in my grandfather's empire..." Mu Liang said with a calm look. His words carried great weight in the ears of Odile and the soldiers around him.

Of course, part of what Mu Liang said was a lie. Since the previous owner thought it was a remedy that temporarily blocks the fertility of an omega when it was the egg of a soul-eating worm. He couldn't tell his fiancé that he was going to take a remedy like that so he could get rid of this engagement.

There were certain things you shouldn't say!

Mu Liang was not a young fool, he was 25 years old when he died and as his world was too old, where young people grow up too fast, he had the behavior of a wise and calm person.

Cough... Cough... when it did not involve subjects such as sex/love/intimidation of the spouse with his fiancé of course!

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Well, I find it interesting how the ancients didn't talk much about intimacy and sex, so, yes, Mu Liang is a bit obscure about being pampered and intimate. He had married to increase his own cultivation, things were different in his world.
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