Chapter 18
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Dan opens the Mutation Menu and gets Lesser Venom as he does another menu pops up.

Please choose what type of venom you want.

Hemotoxin Venom: Disrupts blood clotting causing wounds caused by it to lose blood 25% faster and take longer to heal. High concentrations of the venom can cause organ degeneration. Venom more effective at higher levels. May be less effective on higher level or larger foes.

Neurotoxic Venom: Damages the nervous system causing extreme pain and paralysis. If a foe is not completely paralyzed by the venom, it will still limit their mobility. High concentrations of venom can cause organ failure and a number of other side effects. Venom more effective at higher levels. May take longer or be less effective on higher level or larger foes.

Dan is surprised that he has a choice but reasons that it's because of the huge variety of venom there are. "I choose Neurotoxic Venom. I don't have long fangs like snakes so Hemotoxic Venom would be less effective for me," he says to the system.

You have chosen Neurotoxic Venom. Where would you like it secreted form: Teeth, claws, or both?

"I don't know, can the secretion of the venom be stopped? Otherwise, my claw would not be safe," Dan asks, hoping the system would answer.

Host has total control of the secretion of venom.

"Wonderful, then I chose both then," Dan tells the system.


Dan feels a burning sensation in his claws and mouth, but it does not hurt as much as it usually does. "Maybe I am getting used to it, or it might be that it just didn't hurt as much this time," Dan thinks to himself. Dan feels in his claws and mouth something like a switch to release the venom.


"I'll level it up twice more, so I can take my prey down with confidence," Dan thinks to himself.


Dan leveling his venom up two more times, faces a more intense burning feeling each time. As the feeling goes away, he gets a notification.

By continuously enduring pain, you have gained the skill Pain Resistance Lv 1.

Looking at his new skill, Dan thinks to himself, "Great, maybe this skill will make all the pain and discomfort worth it."

Pain Resistance: Pain effects you less, giving you a higher pain tolerance, allowing you to function better even when in pain.

He is now prepared to go hunting for big animals for his quest.


Dan starts exploring to the left of the trail, with people constantly walking it there is no way animals would stay near it. Animals would stay a good distance away from humans.


Searching for almost 30 minutes, Dan does not find anything bigger than a chipmunk. A few minutes later, while looking down from a tree, Dan sees what he is looking for a decently large animal in a big pile of sticks. As he spots it, Dan uses Identify to see what kind of animal it is.

Name: N/A

Species: Snowshoe Hare

Power Level: 12

Worth: 175 Bio-energy

Note: A relatively quick member of the Snowshoe Hare species, this species hare have particularly large feet and are crepuscular to nocturnal. This specific hare seems to be bad at hiding.

"Wow, this hare has almost the same power level as Emma. But, then again, I have no idea how the power level is calculated, so a few points difference could mean the world," Dan thinks to himself. He takes a closer look, seeing that the hare is sleeping, Dan sneaks as quietly as he can so he can get a bite in. Once he gets a good bite in, his venom should make killing the hare simple.


Carefully navigating through the pile of sticks, Dan notices the hare's ear twitch prompting him to stop moving. Waiting a few seconds until it seems safe, Dan proceeds.


As Dan comes up behind the hare, he realizes that he can't bite the neck like he wanted, because he would have to move the sticks beside its head which would wake it up, so instead, he goes for its back legs so it can't run.


Biting as hard as he can, Dan's teeth sink into the hare's bone. It squeals, feeling the bite and venom go into its blood system. The hare tries to run, kicking its back feet to hop away, but only one of its legs is working, so it barely moves at all. Dan is still bitting down, not letting it get away, still pumping venom into it as it tries to get away.


After a few seconds, the hare stops moving. Dan bites down even harder to make sure it's dead, biting completely through its leg bone. To make doubly sure it is dead and not just paralyzed, Dan bites into the hare's neck and lets it bleed out.


Dan starts eating the hare little by little. With Iron Stomach, Dan did not have much trouble packing it away. Even the bone only took a bit of chewing to swallow down.


After an hour of eating the hare, Dan felt something he has not felt for a few days, completely full. "I guess I can't eat forever. Maybe proteins take longer to digest, or maybe it's the bones that take longer," Dan thinks to himself. "I just need to wait a bit then I can eat the rest. In the future, I will need to level Iron Stomach up more, if I want to eat larger prey."


Finishing eating, Dan receives a notification.

Side Quest: Big Eater, complete.

Rewards: One Mutation Point and an Advancement

Advancement must be used within the next 24 hours.

"Now, I need to get home, and then I can proceed with my plan. First, I will use bio-energy to Advance, then immediately after use the Advancement I got from the quest, allowing me to Advance twice at once," Dan thinks to himself, as he travels back.


Dan grabs a piece of paper and a pencil and writes down that he is growing and is going to be asleep for a while. Getting in the shoebox, Dan begins the process.