Prologue: Legendary Raping Pig!
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“Finally it's time! I will defeat the Legendary Raping Pig and take the item that will let me enhance my charm. Finally! I can be a ladies man and graduate from my virginity. Hehehe…” A young man of almost 21 years old said out loud.

Five years ago this world changed, No! more like, the world evolved. The world had a system and beasts dropped items which could be used by humans.

Three years ago, he killed a Cursed Serpent Queen thinking it's just another random snake but in the process which caused him to be cursed and his Charm became Zero. His speech felt bland to people, he lost his team leader position. Later, he discovered even after being one of the strongest humans, no beauties approaching him.

Let alone beauties even when he walked around the Red Light Districts none approached him. Sometimes ladies from brothel would walk by him to get a fatty but never even glanced at him.

Indignant he decided, he will surely find a way to cure his curse. After spending a great fortune and connection, he found information about this awesome pig.

The Raping Pig is actually a mystical beast. Even if it rapes some women they end up enjoying it. No matter how much they resist before the deed, they all fell without exception, as soon as the deed started.

This ‘great’ Pig actually dropped an item if killed. Its a ring with the same effect but works in a different way. Opposite sex becomes extremely attracted to the wearer and obviously have great effects during sexual activities.

He left for a journey to the mountain where this Legendary Raping Pig was located, and after an entire week of traveling. He finally reached the mountain near the cave!

He was really careful during the process. His enemy wasn’t only the Raping Pig but the women raped by the pig. Once the pig rapes them, they are like absolute loyal soldiers... in every way and won’t spare any effort to ensure its safely!

He stepped inside the cave as he carefully observed his surrounding, everything looked gloomy dark which hindered his vision. He hastened his pace and tried to find the Legendary Raping Pig and get the hell out of this cave because it was too creepy even for him who always fought with wild beasts.

If his virginity didn’t depend on this, then he wouldn’t even come to such a disturbing place even if he was given Millions of dollars. Nonono, on the second thought, he might come to such a place for money, he could do many things with money. Hehehehe...

He took a few turns and was vigilant, he expected to encounter many obstacles. But it was weird, this cave had no beasts or whatsoever. Normally, there should be many beasts and women that should protect the Pig. Stopping these distracting thoughts he maintained his speed.

Finally, after half an hour, he came to a clearing and noticed a vague obscure lizard-shaped figure, he shouted with happiness, “Finally, WAIT FOR ME BEAUTIES!!! FOR YOUR PRINCE CHARMING IS COMIN...”

Abruptly, he stopped moving his mouth. What appeared before him, was a Gigantic Lizard. It opened its wings. Like Anime and Novels which he liked so much, the cave slowly became bright. A Majestic Figure presented itself in front of him.

The Air started to be sucked by that figure as it suddenly let out a Heaven Shattering sneeze. It was so powerful that it hit the MC who was behind the Majestic Lizard that his whole body crashed on the cave.

Crack crack crack...

He could feel 27 of his bones breaking and some of his bones had some minor fracture. He just gritted his teeth which was now filled with his blood. Not even letting out a sound fearing he might be killed by this damnable creature.

“This damnable air dares to ‘attack’ my nostrils..” suddenly a lazy, deep ancient voice came out from the beast’s mouth. The voice had a natural arrogance that seemed to seep in its bones.

“I’ll just erase this cave and the air inside...” It said in an extremely arrogant voice. After saying this, an Azure Blue Fire started coming out of his mouth as he flooded the whole place with it's Azure Blue light and erased anything that came in contact with it.

Our MC saw his body getting caught by the flame but couldn’t feel anything. The fire touched his body and it slowly disappeared from existence, it didn’t give him any pain but the horror was eating him.

“Hmm” the Lizard raised its ‘brow’, “Was there something in this cave? Meh… like it matters” the arrogant and lazy Lizard wanted to shrug but was too lazy to do that. It simply spread its wings and started to fly towards the unknown.

Before dying, he clearly saw the Majestic Figure and remembered that he had seen this type of figure in fantasy manga and animes.

A DRAGON! Azure Dragon and the aura of that dragon only showed its arrogance. Arrogance that rivaled the heavens. It was as if this Majestic Dragon didn’t put anyone in its eyes.

‘Damn my shit life. I wanted to have fun, ABSOLUTE FUN!!! FU*K you dragon...’ before his consciousness totally faded away, his only regret surfaced on his mind.