Chapter – 1: Deal with a Divine
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After what felt like a few minutes of floating in this white void, my vision starts to blur and I find myself in a luxury apartment, but alas my body apparently is still corporeal.

“Your body will not manifest in my realm young one” a fairly feminine voice comes from one side of the apartment. I turn my gaze to see a woman wearing a white bedsheet while lounging on a leather loveseat. ‘This feels familiar, but why on earth is this woman wearing nothing but a bedsheet?’ My inner thoughts yelled. “THIS IS TOGA!!! NOT A BED SHEET!!!” The woman in question yells as she covers herself while blushing profusely, making me think my inner thoughts aren't so private.

“My name is Cirilla, goddess of life and sister to Aqua and Eris,” The woman said after getting her act together once more. ‘Well if I had a mouth I would greet you’ I Thought. “Do not worry, I can already hear you without a voice” Cirilla exclaims as she shifts uncomfortably in her seat. ‘Well it is nice to meet you Cirilla, my name is Noir Chance’

“Yes yes, I already know who you are,” Cirilla says with a mocking tone. ‘Okay jeez, you know you don't have to be so rude man’ I try to say in a nice tone. “Sorry, it's just that the more time you're here, the less I get to watch my beloved” Cirilla says in a defeated tone. ‘Who's your beloved?’ I ask out of sheer curiosity. Cirilla then creates a glass orb out of thin air before floating it closer so that I may see inside of it. 

I was expecting my reflection (which was a stupid expectation since i can't even see my own body, but no it was a man wearing a green cape with a golden stripe around the edges, a gray shirt with a white tunic, gray pants, dark brown boots with his natural attributes adorning brown hair and green eyes.

‘He looks very familiar, what is his name?’ I ask Cirilla, to which her gaze turns into that of something you would see from an obsessed idol fan. “Why this is my beloved Kazuma Sato! Doesn't he look so perfect and innocent?~” Oh yeah, she definitely a weirdo. Wait, from what I remember from the anime Kazuma is far from “innocent” In turn he’s a pervert… as a goddess, she should know this, right? Or is that what she is into, if so then that means my fate is in the hands of a mega pervert, lovely.

‘Look, as much as I would love to float around and talk to you all day I believe that I'm taking up you’re stalki- err I mean watching time of Kazuma, and I would hate to be a burden’ I try to smooth talk my way out of hearing more about this conversation before RE-kill myself out of boredom.

“Alright, but before you go I want to make a deal with you” Her answer surprises me nonetheless but I might as well hear her out. ‘Okay, I'm listening’ I say with complete calmness in my voice.

“I want you to protect my kazuma, in return, I will give whatever you desire whether it be money, fame, or even women,” she says with a smirk. ‘Sounds easy enough, but I'm not much of a fighter’ my words only made her smirk grow even bigger, “Oh I already have a solution for that” The orb in front of me changes to view a body floating through an infinitely black void, as the view comes closer to the face I start to see its, or rather his face; the one and only Goku Black. “You see in this timeline, Goku and Vegeta fused using the meta moran technique instead of using the potara earrings, and when Gogeta used the soul punisher he actively erased Goku Black’s evil soul but not the body or divine ki that it produced, I was able to snag his body before Zeno erased the timeline” Im completely blown out of the water at her explanation, ‘so you want me to assume the identity of Black so that I can protect Kazuma? I thought that everyone in Konosuba is around Krillin level in power?’

“Yes and no. You see, realities are starting to merge due to unseen circumstances and now people and creatures of different power levels could end up badly for the world, so it's only a matter of time before Kazuma runs into a titan or a loli goth girl with a scythe. I only want you to protect Kazuma until I patch up these reality tears.”

‘Reality tears? How long will that take to patch up?’ My question brought a frown to her face, “hopefully not too long, I have other deities working with me on this to avoid another zero-point incident. Our expert says that the tear should be closed within 5 earth years” 

After taking a moment to ponder the dangers I finally make up my mind ‘I'll do it’ I try to say with confidence but I only feel anxious, “Good, I'll give you 18 months to train in my version of the hyperbolic time chamber”

But before I could ask her what she meant by that she waved her hand and my vision turned to black.