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Universal Liberation
Universal Liberation
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[DISCLAIMER: I'm a rookie author so please take pity on me and my ideas]

Follow our protagonist Noir on his adventure to protect heroes from other animes while fending off his obsessive love interests from different timelines.

(Warning: there is more fanfiction, but scribble hub will only let me put 5 fandoms so just know there are more fandoms than just the 5 below)

I do plan on putting more detail in the description as I add more updates.


Dragonball Super Highschool DxD Konosuba Re zero SHIMONETA
Anti-social Protagonist Blackmail Character Growth Cosmic Wars Dense Protagonist Gore Hot-blooded Protagonist Incest Male Yandere Multiple Timelines Obsessive Love Reincarnation Reverse Rape Siblings Not Related by Blood Strong Love Interests Summoned Hero Time Loop Time Paradox Transgender Transmigration Yandere
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Table of Contents
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