Chapter – 2: A past of black (Amilia Callister POV) 18+
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[DISCLAIMER: I will try to hit the 1,000-word quota for each chapter from now on, also this chapter contains r*pe material so read at your own risk]


( Also sorry it took so long :D )It was a very hot day for a carriage ride, but Mother insisted no matter how much I pleaded to stay at the castle, ‘Oh Amilia, you have to get fresh air every once in a while. When I was your age, I was sneaking out of the castle every other night!’ Is what Mother said before shooing me off with Albert, my personal butler, and Svart, my personal guard, but

I usually just call him V since his name is hard to pronounce.But as I was saying, it was extremely hot out and I was sweating under my dress. Like seriously, how could someone make something so skimpy nd borderline isolated at the same time?!?! So without thinking I start taking my dress off to get some air.

“God, why did you have to curse me with such a curvy body?” I whine as I try to slip out of this gods-forsaken dress but to no avail.

Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Amelia Callister, the only daughter of King Louis and Darcy Callister. I have white hair and dark brown eyes, I also have what some people would call a “seductive” body while I call it a curse. Who in their right mind would “like” the idea of men eyeing you up and down constantly? The only people I haven't caught eyeing my cleavage are V and my parents.

My monologue gets cut short as the carriage comes to a halt so quickly that I almost bust my face on the wooden seat in front of me due to standing on one leg while trying to get this stupid dress off.

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!?!” I yell at the top of my lungs as I throw the carriage door open, and what I say scarred me.
There were 8 women with masks on and their weapons unsheathed. 2 of them were currently holding down Albert, while the rest were holding V to the ground.

“RUN!!! NOW!! GET AWAY FROM HERE THIS INSTANT!!!” V yelled before one of the women holding him down put a handkerchief in his mouth and signaled one of the others to grab me. Now I'm not very athletic so I'm going to cut to the part where they Captured me…

Embarrassing, right? But here I am, sitting across from V who is getting groomed by A woman wearing nothing but a leather tunic that extenuates her waste while her bust is held by 2 thin leather straps that look like they're about to snap at any second.

“Why are you doing this to us?!” I speak as tears flow from my eyes, scared for my life (even though it was a boring one). The bandit leader just looks at me and laughs while her hand subconsciously gropes V in various places, making him squirm and try to move from her grasp.

“Why not? You royals get treated like gods while us peasants are dying in the streets out of hunger and disease!!!” Her voice is full of spite as she glares daggers at me “Now it's time for you to feel degraded as I and my underling felt when we had to sell our bodies to survive”

The bandit leader stands up from her position next to V and looks at the other bandits with a fire in her eyes. “Hey girls, how about you test your new ‘abilities’ on this slut of a princess while I have my fun with this stud~”. V’s eyes go wide as the bandit leader pulls him into the carriage and slams the door.

As I watch V get towed away, the other bandit women huddle around me with lust in their eyes. I try to squirm away but a couple of them pin me down and that's when I see it…. They each whip out an enormous cock that looks like it was added on by magic, there didn't seem to be any testicles attached.

I cry and plead with them but it is no use, they prostrate me and penetrate all three of my holes while using my hands as a makeshift one.

The pain was extreme, no, it was unbearable. My tears flowed as they r*aped me continuously.

It went on for hours, but the pain didn't stop, and neither did they.

And just when they were about to cum, I start to feel blood leaking onto my nose.

I looked up to see a bloody hand sticking out of the bandit who was using my mouth, her heart beating inside the hand before her whole body went limp and fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

I looked up at the person who did and low and behold it was Svart, he was completely naked and covered in blood.
The rest of the girls let go of me and stumbled back, but they could only get a few steps before V disappeared and reappeared behind them. V was like a monster as he brutally killed them. V put an end to their lives faster than I could comprehend, their blood was everywhere, from the trees to the grass the blood stained everything

And I just lay here, broken in a pool of my own tears.

When V gets close, I jump up and hug him while I cry into his shoulder.

As he hugs me back, I can feel my cheeks heating up as well as his body. “I'm sorry I couldn't stop them, I failed my duty to protect you, could you ever forgive me?” V says as he hugs me closer, my heart beating faster than a speeding horse.

“How could I not? You saved my life…” I say as I look up into his tear-filled eyes. I had always looked up to him when I was younger, but that admiration stayed with me throughout the years, I watched as he trained non-stop just to be sure he could protect me.

He’s been there for me since the beginning, through every thunderstorm every minor scrape, he was always there, like an overprotective big brother.

“B-ut but I-” V tries to speak but I step on my tip-toes and seal his lips with my own. I couldn’t stop myself, it felt like instinct, it felt Right.

“I'm still alive silly, those women may have taken my purity, but you have taken my heart. I love you, V” My words making him flush slightly but I don't notice it as I'm blushing myself. “I-I love you too Ammy” His words nearly came out in studders but made my heart race nonetheless.

“We should get dressed, standing out in the middle of the road with nothing on and covered in blood would make us look highly suspicious. Say, where is Albert?” V asks. “I'm right here,” Albert says as he appears behind V with a dagger.

“I’m sorry it had to end this way Amilia, I hoped you would at least be tortured by those barbarians before they killed but alas, nothing ever goes as planned in this god's forsaken world, so I wish you the best of luck in the afterlife!” Albert yells as he launches himself at me with a curved dagger. As Albert launches at me I can feel my body being pushed out of the way by V with tears in his eyes.

As I fall to the ground, I can catch a glimpse of the knife being inserted in V’s side while his fist makes contact with Albert's temple, sending both men to the ground.

Tears roll down my face as I scramble to V’s side, his eyes fading slowly as I hold him close.

“You know I’d never thought it would end *cough* like this.” V whispers as raises his hand and touches the back of it to my cheek while my tears fall onto his charming yet deathly pale face.

“For a second there, I felt happiness for the first time in years, just you and me standing there. I felt happy, I'm still happy.” V says before hissing in pain. “I’ll find you again in the afterlife”

“No no no! V, please don't die on me! I can't live without you! I don't have anyone else anymore!” I wail as he strokes my cheek with the back of his hand.

I take his hand into mine and set it onto his chest.










Just like that he was gone, the light in his eyes faded as the grip on my hand went limp.

As it happened, I felt like something broke inside of me, like being shot in the heart. I’ve never cried so hard in my life, but I’ve also never felt this empty before.

And then started to rain, as I held onto Svart's limp body I cried and cried and cried.


I can't live like this…


I can't live without him…


I need him…


I pull the dagger out of V’s side and raise it above my head with both hands, ready to plunge it into my heart so that I may be with Svart once again.
But then I feel a cold and wrinkly hand touch my bare shoulder, so I look up to see an old woman wearing a black cloak, her hair and face seemingly untouched from the rain.

“Killing yourself won't bring him back, but I know a way that can,” the old woman says in her small and shrill voice, it's almost like listening to a crow speak like a human.

“W-who are you? And what do you mean to bring him back?” my voice stutters from all my crying as I stare into the void-like eyes of the senile old woman.

A smile creeps across the woman's face “Oh don't worry dear, I will tell you in due time... now sleep...”

As she says this my eyes feel heavy and my body falls numb on top of Svart's body.