Chapter 10
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Sara jerked her hands back as the shard of glass melted down into goo.

She backpedaled and ran and dropkicked the Xenomorph.

Unable to contend with the sudden impact, it staggered back, slipped on the glass it broke and fell out the hole in the wall.

Both Sara and Lexi.


"Let's go!" Lexi said while grabbing Sara's hand and dragging her along.

She flicked her gun and an energy cartridge popped up, then she slipped another one in and opened the door.

A Xenomorph ran by the door, however it didn't stop as it had a target, who happened to be regretting life as it lunged at him.

A shrill scream echoed down the halls as Lexi opened the door and fired a charged up burst at it's head.

The head exploded like a watermelon that was smashed with a hammer.

Pieces of brain fragment and Xenomorph exoskeleton flew everywhere.

They pushed open the door and stepped out and saw a badly mangled body on the floor.

"We need to reach the heli-pad, and get out of the city now! They've decided to use a thermonuclear warhead to end this!" Lexi said while Sara froze.

"No, you can't, a lot of innocent people will die!" Sara took a step back.

"Fine, I'll call it off, but if we can't find a solution for this within an hour, I will blow this place to kingdom come!"

"Thank you!" She turned around and opened a door, only to find an empty room and weapons inside.

"This is a air rifle, it fires a compressed burst of air, it can put a hole in metal." She slid her pistol so back into it's holster and they both disappeared.

 She handed one to Sara and took one herself. 

They both left the room after putting on some body armor.

"Ding. Ash sent the location of the Queen to you, we got caught up fighting outside the city." Jack's voice sounded out and they both froze.

"The Queen? What happens of we kill the Queen?" Sara asked, finally seeing a way out of the shade she found herself in when Lexi froze and sighed.

"We can't kill it, it's a mythic stage creature, conventional weapons and bombs have no effect on it."

"So we need to go and stop it, if we give it enough trouble, it may call these drones back."

"What part of it's a Mythic stage creature do you not understand? We can't stop it, and though it's intelligent, it's impossible to win!"

Lexi pulled her hand away and said in a huff.

"But what if we could take to them? My dad said some Xenomorphs showed exceptional intelligence, and besides, if we can't fight it, we'll end up dead anyway."

"Why?" Then she looked at her wrist watch and saw the red blip that marked the Queen moving in a straight line, and the predicted course was the city!

Along with the giant red marking, was a lot of smaller ones, each a cluster of Xenomorphs!

"Damn, if we fail, know that I blame you for my death!" Lexi said and sat in a chair that was probably thrown out of an office somewhere.

"I doubt we'll fail, I have hope!" Sara said, however her eyes showed killing intent.

"You mean you hope that it'll attack so you can try to kill it?" Lexi sighed and put her chin in her hand.

"I shouldn't have listened to you, now I'm stuck here..." Sara gave a small smile and Lexi frowned.