Chapter 12
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Sara grabbed a grey bag that lay on the floor, likely forgotten in the initial moments of the crisis and slung it over her shoulder.

Lexi pushed open a door that Sara hadn't even realized was there, and looked inside, rifle between her body and the unknown.

Sara looked at Lexi questioningly, and received a short reply.

"Stairwell, we need to take this up to the heli-pad, then we can go confront the Queen." She pushed against the door and started hurrying up the steps, yet she couldn't tell what material they were made out of, however it seemed to be metal.

"I understand you want to eradicate them, but you can't, nothing reaches Xenomorph Prime and survives, that's their home world, even if you increased yourself to Stage S, you'd be overwhelmed and killed by the sheer amount of Xenomorphs that roam the planet."

"I don't need to do anything, but something tells me they're not just going to sit quietly and do nothing, if we can bring it down, we can get a Mythic stage core, and kill a Xenomorph queen, two birds on stone."

"Are you retarded? Anything Mythic stage and higher has intelligence comparable to an adult human, it will not fall into any silly traps you could think off. It's best to just launch and orbital bombardment and ensure they don't get to reproduce anymore." Lexi said while putting her hand on a scanner and then the door slid open and the cool night air washed over them, carrying the faintest smell of smoke.

The helicopter sat on the heli-pad, seemingly untouched, and the pilot lying on the ground besides it, a hole in his chest.

"Damn, we need a pilot, and he's clearly dead, any other brilliant plans?" Lexi asked, her words making Sara wince.

"I can fly it, but we aren't going to run, does this model have weapons on board?" Sara asked while climbing into the cockpit and stared flicking buttons.

"It's the latest 9th Generation Ghost, it had a minigun on board, but conventional weapons can't and won't stop a Mythic stage being, we should leave now that we have a chance to." Lexi said but Sara just shrugged.

"If you wanted to leave, hail a ship from your corporation, I'm sure they be delighted to save you." Sara said shaking her head and flicking the engine on.

A quiet whine sounded out as the blades started spinning.

"You know what, do what you want, I tried to stop you, so when you end up dead, don't blame me." Lexi huffed and walked off, dark golden hair trailing behind her.

"Where are you going?" She asked over the whistling of the wind.

"Home, I still have another ship I didn't use, you can one with or stay here, but I'm leaving." 

Lexi turned and walked off when a shrill hiss pierced their ears.

They both turned, faces pale to see a Xenomorph nearly twenty feet tall leap onto a higher building and then started running along the roof tops.

Then a building exploded inward and a tentacle wormed it's way out of the underground.

"What is that?!" She looked at the long tentacle and turned to Lexi, however Lexi's face went pale.

"That's a Revenant, an obscure race with few offspring, however they boast near immunity to damage, if this keeps up, the Queen might actually fall." She linked her wrist watch to a feed and zoomed in, just in time to see the Queen leap from a ten story building and slam into the Revenant. 

 Black blood splattered as the Xenomorph was shaken off and landed nimbly like a cat, tail stabbing out faster than the eye could follow.