Chapter 14
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I looked up as the helicopter rapidly withdrew, barely making a sound.

Then I looked down and saw my underside scorched from the explosion.

The surrounding buildings weren't spared from the blast either, they lay shattered and broken on their sides, causing the streets clustered with debris.

'Your majesty, the remaining humans have all been killed or taken, what should we do now?' A Xenomorph hopped through the debris and unlike a human didn't have a problem with all the glass and dust in the air.

'Fall back, what of the rogue Xenomorphs?' I asked while dusting the ash from my exoskeleton.

'They've all but perished, we lost a few in the fight between you and that thing, but they shouldn't give any trouble to track down and kill.' He lowered his head when I looked at him and then I simply gave him a command.

'Hunt and kill them, I don't want another Queen appearing in our territory.' I'd been killed by a queen before, and I didn't want history to repeat itself.

Then I felt a surge of energy in my stomach and I doubled over.

'Is something wrong your majesty?' He climbed up towards me and put his hand on my side.

I didn't knock his hand away and allowed his hand to travel down my side.

'You ingested another core, I feel it within you, if you can make use of that core, reaching the Calamity stage wouldn't be impossible.' He grew visibly excited as he hissed in happiness.

'I'll retire for now, clean up the city, hunt the stragglers, and then regroup at the Hive.' I gave the commands and then made my way off the towering pile of rubble and back into the woods on the east side of the city.

After a few minutes of running, I made it to the cavern and to my delight, the eggs hatched, and face huggers were wrapped around their victims.

'Guess I'll get a few more drones after all, and maybe some carriers...' I silently entered the room, the only noise coming from me was my claws scraping the floor.

The Xenomorphs who saw me bowed, and those that didn't continued to work on building a Hive.


Sara climbed our of the Ghost, and nearly fell face first to the ground.

"You are Sara Vespi right?" A man with a gun slung over his shoulder approached her and asked.

'Yes, and who are you?" She steadied herself on the side of the Ghost and asked.

"We are from the Genesis Corporation, we want to recruit you into our work force, and the pay is nice as well. We have state of the art teachers who excel in bringing out the potential hidden within your body. You will be given free reign to do as you please as long as it doesnt conflict with the corporations interest, do you agree?"

"I was going to join the Chimera Corporation as I just finished talking with their CEO..."

She trailed off and the men's faces turned ugly.

"Whatever she offered, we'll double it, and if that's not enough, you can request anything from us."

"Its not about money, and I already agreed, so you can go back. I'd have to leave if I decided to join you guys, and I dont want to leave my home world."

The men sighed and thanked her for her time, and then she looked around and saw jets and ships sitting on a runway.

"I randomly set a course and it took me to an airport, wait, how'd they find me so quickly?" She thought aloud, then a voice behind her made her jump.

"Because you forgot to turn if the tracking function on your wristband. If you had, even I wouldn't be able to find you so quickly. Now come, we have business to discuss and we need to get you some teachers as well." Lexi said as she walked towards her with two men in black body armor walking by her side, plasma rifles aimed at the ground.

"Teachers? But I thought you were joking earlier, why do I need teachers? I can get along just fine."

"Because you can hurt yourself, and lessen your potential growth, and we really need to leave. This world is lost, though i wish we could do something, we can't. Xenomorph Prime has already sent an Empress and she's due to areive within a day, so all life on this planet was determined to have been lost."

"What about an evacuation? I know people and I can't just leave them to die!" She stepped towards Lexi, causing her guards to raise their weapons, but she raised a hand and they lowered them.

"A massive planet wide evacuation has been ordered, we did all we can!" Sara looked like she wanted to argue some more, but then she nodded and followed Lexi into a sleek white ship with a  Chimera Corporation logo on the side.

After boarding, the ship shot into the air, and disappeared amongst the dark clouds that mirrored everyone's feelings.