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Kimiko Hasegawa

Lvl 968.            

Job: Primordial Sword Master (lvl requirement: 950)

( STR,CON,VIT,DEX) all +50 Per level

Title: The One (Immunity to ailments below Divine tier)

( Given to those who pursue the path of truth above all)

HP: 3,514,500 (1/2 CON*VIT).    

         Recovery: 1% of HP PER MIN            

MP: 2,239,456 (1/2 INT*1/2 WIS)

         Recovery: 1% of MP PER MIN

STR: 3950 ( How strong)

CON: 2556(Endurance and defense)

VIT: 2750(Life force and recovery)

DEX: 4579 (Speed)

INT: 2978 (intelligent+Mana cap.)

WIS: 3008 (problem solving       power+Mana recovery)

CHA: 67 (inspire or influence other)

LUC: 1002 (luck)

World of Vesperia, How is it?

I think her skill list will be long.

Hmm I don't know how to feel about it. Are the level any good?
  • Yes, keep it that way Votes: 448 92.8%
  • No, change it Votes: 35 7.2%
Total voters: 483