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/ Series / A Former Hero’s Journey : I just want to live peacefully!
A Former Hero’s Journey : I just want to live peacefully!
A Former Hero’s Journey : I just want to live peacefully!
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4.3 (188 ratings)
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She, a summoned hero from another world, fulfills her destiny and dies. Only to be reborn back in modern Japan along with her powers. Now she just wants to live peacefully....
So why is there a Summoning Circle in the classroom?

(Author: English is not my first language so do forgive my grammar errors and this is my first attempt of writing a story. And I don't own the picture)

Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Demon Lord Demons Dragons Evil Organizations Fantasy World Female Protagonist Former Hero Gods Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Lost Civilizations Overpowered Protagonist Past Trauma Previous Life Talent Religions Second Chance Strong to Stronger Summoned Hero
Table of Contents 41
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 26: normalcy?

    I would like to call this a "well written work, " but unfortunately I can't.

    It is DEFINITELY a "well crafted work" and a very engaging piece of work that I love to read, but it is in serious need of editing. The writing itself is simply bad, and that's after it's already been edited for grammar (which is still bad as well.)

    Aside from that, there are a lot of characters early on especially who just randomly drone off into random exposition dumps out of nowhere, even when it makes no sense for them to suddenly start saying the things that they are saying.

    Honestly, my recommendation to the author would be to get a hundred or so chapters in, maybe more, until they have improved their writing skills and then go back and seriously re-write this entire thing. It is still a very fun read, and it's amazing to see an author this good at story craft who is likely very new to this considering the writing skill. It can just do for some more polish. The author doesn't have the skills right now to give it that polish, but I'm certain they will by the time this thing gets to around chapter 150.

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    Status: c18

    Not only does it suit my tastes almost perfectly, but it also is a fantastic read.

    The MC is good, the characters aren't cardboard, and there is some good explanations to give the readers more in depth knowledge of this world. 

    The system creators have their nice little sassy moments that I like. 

    Still some little grammar errors and some inconsistencies flying here and there, but they are negligible and don't affect the read much. 

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    Status: chapter 28: a meeting

    where to start, the basic story premise is decent. however it's so convoluted. it's like reading a compressed one piece arc where everyone and their pet's need a background story. to the point I know more about the side characters than the main character. on top of that most of it is in the form of giant information dumps while slightly different could fix so much. putting an example in the spoiler:


    the story builds up the princess a little, there is something going on... but then the main character asks what's going on and we the audience are just told whats wrong. now we know more about the princess than the relevant character (duke's son) so the reveal will be a lot less impactful than it could have been. the audience should have been cut off for this information, and let us live along with the struggle of the duke's son. this way the information we are "given" is also spread out better reducing the giant information dump that's happening ad the moment. it will also reward the reader for trying to figure out this little secret, rather than just giving us the answer. (a later reveal will increase the impact in this case)

    there are many such example's which brings me to the next toppic:we the readers, are introduced to too many 'relevant' characters at the same time. spreading this out or limiting the amount of characters will ease the amount of information we need to know, so we the reader can focus more on progression rather than background information.I think the story still has potential if there is more focus on progression rather than background. I might pick it back up after reading future reviews, but now I'm tired of the story. tldr: we receive to much info, and too little progress, but the story still has potential.

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    Status: c38

    The story is quite good!

    Even though the MC is OP, the story is not boring at all. THe world building is good and there are many event happening that are not involving the MC.

    I'm still a bit sad that most of what I was waiting for didn't come so far, which is "someone finding out the MC's identity". 

    The story is quite slow because we have a lot of different POV with event happening around the world. A bit too much in my opinion, I even started to skip them cause I wanted to see more about the MC.

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