Chapter 161: Some Decent Mission Rewards.
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[Host has received Flame Seed] 

[Host has received Spirit Banana] 

[Host has received Leg-Cleaving Axe] 

[Host has received Golden Goldfish] 

[Host has received Mantis Kung Fu] 


[Host has received SCP-978] 

[Host has received Lucky Hand] 

[Host has received SCP-457] 

[Host has received SCP-262] 

[Host has received SCP-124] 

[Host has received Seed of a Seedless Orange] 

  Using up all her tickets always felt enjoyable. Jing went over to the ever-expansive spirit garden inside the void world with all the seeds, fruits, and plants she’s gained from using 18 tickets at once. 8 Epic and 10 rare. She was about to just toss them in the garden and let them grow on their own but some of the Angels were interested in the strange stuff she pulled out. Explaining all this stuff felt a bit pointless to her as they’ll find out in a week or month what the stuff does. 

“This is a flame seed,” She held up an orange pellet. “It will grow into a Dancing Flame Flower that is said to spread fire qi in its nearby surroundings and the atmosphere.” She explained. 

“Is that for me?” Ying asked. 

“Nope.” Jing replied. 

“What’s this thing?” Runt asked. 

“A camera.” Jing answered as she picked up the flopping golden goldfish with a small water bubble and had it float above her shoulder next to Li Li. 

‘It looks tasty...’ Li Li thought to himself. 

“Can I take it?” Runt asked next. 

“Anything in this pile is up for taking.” Jing shrugged.  

  There were a few notable items that she didn’t drop into the pile as she had special plans for them. Most specifically, SCP-124, SCP-457 and SCP-262. Each of those were going to her followers but of course, she wouldn’t just gift it to them for nothing. Once they completed an appropriate task, she would gift them the SCP’s. Ying recently was gifted that ring she initially planned to give to Bing with the old cultivator inside to freely teach her ancient martial arts. Wan Qing just got her lifelong wish fulfilled. Bing hasn’t done anything notable since the Treasured Plains. The same goes for Lei Zhi. Hu Tao’s already got an SCP.  

‘My son!’ Jing suddenly remembered and felt ashamed of herself for forgetting about him. 

  Now, Jing knew who was going to get what. It wouldn’t happen soon but after the Grand Tournament as the time was too short for her to give them a task for the SCPs. Maybe during the Grand Tournament, she could give them tasks but as of now, no one but the top elders knew how it was going to be. There were only a few missions she had currently. One was probably going to fail due to lack of time and excessive conditions. The others could be done during the tournament if she was lucky but most likely she should expect them to get it done afterwards. As the only thing after the Grand Tournament is the Meeting of Talents where only the best of the best disciples will go to represent the sect against Nine Swords Sect and Blossoming Water Palace. 

“How do I use this thing?” Runt questioned before finally managing to get it to work. 

  A bright flash hit Jing, Li Li, and the golden goldfish and soon a white slip came from out of it. Everyone came over to look at it only to see an unbelievable sight. Jing was caught off guard by the photo and was displeased. She knew that SCP-978 had the anomalous ability to show what those in the photograph would rather be doing in their mind or heart rather than what they really were doing in reality. A camera that showed the current inner desires of humans and other creatures. 

“Bleep... You want to explain this to us?” Ying cheekily smiled as she held up the photo. 

  It showed Jing currently being hugged and surrounded by all the members of Heaven’s Angels and more. A white haired child with facial features and skin similar to Jing’s was posing in front of the group hug with a small group of unknown spirit beasts with a proud look on his face while a giant shiny golden goldfish was floating in a huge water bubble behind all of them, happily eating some humongous beast in one gulp. A mischievous smile lined up upon Heaven’s Angels’ faces as they saw her silence. If she could explain that that wasn’t her true thoughts, Jing doubted they would believe her. It was only for a moment but SCP-999 snuck up behind her and wrapped its gooey arm around her leg. Now she was about to be swallowed up in a hug by her Angels. 

“I did not want this.” And suddenly everything went dark as she could no longer see anything but the bodies of her Angels.  

  As Jing was the shortest out of everyone except Runt, it was like the sun suddenly extinguished itself from the sky. Which was impossible as there was only day time in the void world. The collective hug went on for far longer than she wanted it to and once Hu Tao sensed her displeasure, he made sure to extend it even further by not letting anyone escape. He wrapped his chains around the group, forcing Jing to teleport herself out with a talisman, leaving everyone else to fall on top of each other. 

“I’ve had enough for today.” She wrote something down on a piece of paper before running away with a small blush on her face. 

The paper gently fell to the ground as everyone was still laughing. 

“Bleep is pretty cute when she’s embarrassed...” Wan Qing giggled in her new high-pitched voice. 

“I would’ve never pegged her for the shy type.” Lei agreed. 

“Maybe the Empress isn’t how I thought of her at all...” Bing’s loyalty percentage slowly rose. 

“She’s way less scary when we treat her like a normal girl. We should do it more often.” Ying suggested. 

“Hahaha. To think the woman, I loved was hiding another side of herself from me. Love is amazing!” Hu Tao fist pumped. 

“It’s not all that amazing...” Jie replied with a sigh. 

“The note she left tells us about the other stuff she brought out.” Hao Gang spoke up. 

“What does it say for my camera?” Runt excitedly asked. 

“It says... It’s a spirit tool that reveals the inner desires of the person whose photo is taken at the time.” 

“Squeaksqueaksqueak?” Drill asked, easily holding up the man-sized axe by the handle. 

“It is really good for cutting off legs. If it has legs, they can be cut by the axe.” He answered. 

“This hand isn’t normal...” Bing reached down and grabbed the severed human hand. “Can you guys feel something strange about it?” He asked. 

“I don’t feel anything.” Ying said. 

“Me either.” Jie answered. 

“I can’t see anything strange about it. Looks like a normal human hand to me.” Lei added. 

“I’ll keep it, just in case.” Bing placed it inside his robes. 

“That’s the Lucky Hand. It’s said to provide good luck and fortune to anyone that possesses it.” Hao read out. 

“Give me that hand Fat Ass!” Hu Tao lunged at Bing. 

No, me!” Wan sent forth a wave of qi-infused wind with her fan. 

“Don’t you think you have enough luck Mr. Three Sky-ranked Martial Arts!?” Ying shouted, forming a sword of flames in her hand. 

“I don’t believe that you are any worse off. Look at where we are.” Lei Zhi pulled out his fishing rod and tossed it at the hand. 

‘If my mom left it here, that must mean she doesn’t need it.’ Li Li reasoned. 

“Hey! If my mom says she needs something she needs it!” Hao Gang jumped towards Bing in his child form. 

“Rawr.” Ni Xong added. If his owner wants it, it's his job as her spirit beast to do everything it takes to get it for her. Even if everyone looked really scary right now. 

Blorp!” Quon flew behind Lei Zhi. He wants to have some fun too! It's been a while since he could cut loose. 

Krii!” SCP-999 wanted to join in on the fun too it seems. 

  The only ones to stay out of the wanting for the Lucky Hand were Jie, Runt, and Li Li. Jie felt that it was inappropriate to try and involve herself in something like this so soon. Runt knew he would die if he was involved in a fight that his Boss was in. Li Li had no reason to try and get the hand. He didn’t need something like luck in the first place. This lantern his mother gave him was nice though. It was a soul lantern. It helped him gain more skill and knowledge on souls. 

“Is it bad that I expected this outcome?” Runt asked. 

“I kind of had a feeling as well...” Jie said. 

  The Lucky Hand was raised over SCP-999 head in a victorious pose as everyone else was subdued by its unparallel tickling ability with exhausted faces and smiles on their lips.