Arc 1–Chapter 32
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Image 1: Succi (Also known as the Popular girl covers )

Image 2: Avro ( Slice of Life + Comedy themed cover )

Image 3: Yuuro ( The I don't know what the fuck is this photo)

Image 4: Louis and the twins ( The thriller? Themed cover )

Image 5: some action pose (Louis and the random Antagonist guy)

Image 6: Louis + March and Alice ( The thriller and horror themed cover)

Image 7: Louis ( the drama themed cover)

Some preview for the image 1 cover, work in progress. How is it?

It would take a lot of days for me to finish all of them =^= ...... Preferably I prefer changing the covers week by week if it is alright. Just write what do you think of each of the image. ^_^ still improving my drawing skills.

Chapter 32 [ Visiting to the Human town Part 2 ]

Ashfall kingdom, a place located in the border of the western continent. In total the Ashfall kingdom has 24 towns. One of them was the Riskel town. It was located at the southern part of the Ashfall kingdom and considered a border town just like it's neighboring town, the Numel town.

( Protagonist PoV)

We have entered the town successfully. Other than the guards looking on us a bit suspiciously and some questions about our identity plus the guards asking an identification card, I can say that everything went well. Overall, I can only say inside my mind that is some great bullshit luck that we have.

I have even wondered how the hell we managed to enter the town. From the moment that we walk to the gate and stopped by the guards– because we are freaking 12 and 10 year old kids, It was good that I didn't freak out that time. I managed to stay calm (outside, internally I am near on the verge of running away). The Identifications– I was surprised when Wallace has taken out one and let the guards see it.

And now.....

" Ehhh.... " Fina face's look likes it is going in constipation. " This is disgusting! " She exclaimed while looking frustrated at the meat on her plate. Beside her, Wallace was just sitting but not eating.

The other people who was also eating at the inn glance at her before continuing on their own businesses.

Currently, we are in one of the Inns at the Riskel town. After we are allowed to enter the town, Fina has urged us and she started wandering to try out the foods. Of course Wallace has followed her, and I followed them. Some food like the sweets and desserts– Fina are satisfied with their taste but when it comes to the dishes, just like what happened right now, it wasn't suitable for her palate and it taste very disgusting for her.

I also ordered my meal when I have entered on this inn together with Fina and Wallace. Even through I'm not like Fina who has a particular taste of food... (I suspected that her taste are inclined to raw and bloody–better not to freak out) As a man who comes from the modern era of the earth, the food isn't up to my satisfaction. I'm sorry to say to Succi that her cooking are only 5 points above this food.

I miss the delicious food back on Earth. Now that I think about it, since I am in the human town why don't I just also start buying vegetable and crops that would be suitable for me? I have gold coins with me right now. Considering that the Gold, Silver and Copper currency at the continents of Irisha are the same, I would manage to buy a lot of things.

Better to also buy spices and things that would be found in the human continent!

" Louis? " Fina was surprised when I have suddenly stand up.

" ....I think that I need to buy some things. "

Vegetable seeds, Flower seeds, Crops...Human Stuffs and Comfortable things...maybe some quill, paper and books?


There are things that was informed to me by Avro. Together with Succi they have explained a lot to me because of my lack of my knowledge problem.

One of the things that Across has told me was... At the same day of my birthday– Second Month, day 22, year 9007.... was the day that I became the town lord of Lucia town.

It's been 3 years and some months since I became the town lord of Lucia town.

What does being a town lord has to do with my current situation?

Since I would buy a lot of things, my money may not be enough but....

Avro had told me that every month, I have a budget of 500 gold coins that came from the emperor. In Irisha a week has 7 days, a month has 5 weeks and a year has 12 months. 500 × 12 = 6,000. I have a total of 6,000 gold coins every year.

In these 3 years, I have 18,000 gold coins. I have nearly fainted in shock and bliss when I learned about it. I'm fucking rich! Wahahahaha! (*Cue to the Evil laughter)

But Avro has immediately dampened my blissful mode that time. He said that those gold coins are nearly all use in the town. He further dampened my happy mode, when he informed me that among my siblings, I have the lowest and most pitiful amount of gold coin given by the Emperor.

So currently this one has a total of 1,000 gold coins... Well, for me this is still a lot. Avro has given me 100 gold coins for this travel that I can freely spend.

I am free to spend them in anything that I want! Calm down me, I need to stop myself from grinning or else people would certainly think of me as a creepy weird kid.

" So, Louis where do you want to go first? " Fina asked as she look at the shops around the town curiously.

It also happens when I have informed Fina and Wallace that I would buy some stuffs, She decided to tag along since it was interesting. In Wallace's case, wherever Fina would go, he would always follow.  Even to the end of the earth or in death...( What a morbid thought) that's how obsessive Wallace was in following Fina.

Now, I am kinda considering that the readers from the novels were right all along.

" Hmm...let me see..  " I said as I started to think thoughtfully.

My priorities should be like this:

1. Vegetable and Crops – A delicious food is waiting for me.
2. Should I consider buying a chicken, pig or cow? Did they even exist? Wait, what kind of meat did I had eaten easier from the inn?!
3. Flowers... Well they're pleasing to the eye? Succi would certainly like them. Planting flowers would reduce my traumatic experience from the Demonic plants of Western Continent.
4. Hygiene stuffs– if they exist. Was it better than the ones that I have made for myself?
5. Different Books– Helpful for being knowledgeable and filling my lack of common sense.
6. Parchment, Papers, Inks and Quill– Leisurely stuffs when I would like to write some stories privately or maybe I can start listing out the information from the novel before I started to forget them. ( Write in English or whatever language that they wouldn't understand).
7. What should I do with the body parts or things of the citizens of Lucia? Sell them?