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/ Series / Transmigrated into a Noble’s beaten son
Transmigrated into a Noble’s beaten son
Transmigrated into a Noble’s beaten son
325.4k Views 6843 Favorites 73 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1364 Readers
4.2 (176 ratings)
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Table of Contents 73
  1. Chapter 6724 hours ago
  2. Chapter 66Nov 16, 2021
  3. Chapter 65Nov 9, 2021
  4. Chapter 64Nov 2, 2021
  5. Chapter 63Oct 26, 2021
  6. Chapter 62Oct 12, 2021
  7. Chapter 61Oct 5, 2021
  8. Vol. 4 PrologueSep 28, 2021
  9. Vol. 3 EpilogueSep 21, 2021
  10. Chapter 60Sep 14, 2021
  11. Chapter 59Sep 7, 2021
  12. Chapter 58Aug 31, 2021
  13. Chapter 57Aug 24, 2021
  14. Chapter 56Aug 17, 2021
  15. Chapter 55Aug 3, 2021
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      Status: chapter 15

      I like the attitude of the MC.  Various personalities around him are also good.

      But the premise of him being in a book he was reading gets super annoying, and the author won't let it drop.  It's not "gee this world is like the book I was reading" It's more like, this world IS the book I was reading, like the author of that book is still dictating what MC does etc.  Never have I seen the invisible hand of the author, so visible. It's also way too meta !

      There are parts of the story that don't get proper explanation either, like about how the worlds nobility system works, despite it being key to keeping the plot going. 

      I also dislike how the story suggests that some people are just better than others, like MC getting powerful magic because of who his mom is.  It is usual for this kind of stories to have a pro-arisocratic bend to them, but it's disappointing to see anyway.

      On the flip side, the story mostly lacks the  s*xism typically found in the asian nation based versions of this genre.

      Various aspects of how magic and physics work in the world don't make much sense or get much explanation. Like water + wind=ice and weak wind equals snow... because reasons. Or worse, fire plus wind=blue flame.  A particularly annoying part of the story in this regard happens when the MC saves someone with a giant snowflake floating in mid air, from a hurled axe. Somehow this fast moving power driven axe is also slow enough for the victim to brace themselves for the impact but fast enough that they can't consider just diving out of the way.  And said giant snowflake floating in air somehow completely kills the axes momentum. OH yeah the MC also had time to craft the families emblum into the snowflake even though it was done at the last moment.

      Yet shortly after the author has the cheeky nerve to suggest the MC's magic is better because of knowledge of science, after throwing basic scientific principles out the window. I get the feeling the author wanted to give an excuse for MC suddenly becoming OP, and "science knowledge from another world" was picked for trope reasons, yet author doesn't actually understand much science.

      Oh yeah, the power growth of OP MC is OP, and without much justification. I'd have liked to have seen some slower growth.

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      Status: chapter 41

       Before chapter 25: The story is good. Naell's use of prior knowledge due to reading the novel the world was created from feels appropriate. The characters feel alive and relatable. There are opportunities in all stories to explain or shadow more detail, but that risks exposing future plot. I have to update my review:

      Chapter 25 ~ Chapter 41: Sadly, this novel is not for me anymore. I understand characters need to grow emotionally and physically. However, I don't like the MC character, his "friend's character, or how the author defends the actions of others around him. Naell is so hypersensitive and nervous that literally every conversation scares him. He got scared to death from a training/spar with a weaker human person while he had protection magic to help him and teachers observing. What's worse is that this sparring event occurred AFTER Naell fought off a powerful monster, in a life or death situation, with a giant axe thrown at his face that he barely managed to block. 

      I do not like characters that don't respect themselves enough to voice their opinions or WALK AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WRONG THEM. 

      The author views Naell as awkward, but it comes off as pathetic and unreadable. I don't mind characters that start with a weak mindset, but I cannot stand the continued combination of a mindset of being afraid of any interaction and allowing people to walk all over them especially friends. The author has said multiple times that Naell will always be uneasy, read timid and afraid, in conversations. Whether or not he grows a backbone later on, is anyone's guess. Seeing how the author defends Owlys actions because Naell condones it, just speaks to the most probable continued sad/frustrating temperament of the character.

       Spoiler/background: his friend the owl is angry at Naell due to not getting to eat some apples that they will make money off. So, randomly, the group of people that Naell never wants to meet shows up, including the guy that kicked his ass, and the owl ignores Naell and flies over to the group to hang out with them. Then Owly rides back with Naell and that group while ignoring Naell and hanging out in the lap of one of the group members that kicked his ass. The real cherry on top of this is that Owly gets invited to dinner with that group and goes, while Naell is HAPPY Owly is hanging out with them. It doesn't even end there! Owly even agrees with one of the group members that Naell is annoying and rude. 

       Naell is just happy to give his money, food, room, friendship, and excess power to the owl. He doesn't care that the owl spit in his face multiple times. Hell, Naell probably doesn't even see any of the stuff I mentioned above as a negative. He is just happy to be alive and ignorant of the situations. Honestly, I wouldn't doubt Naell is probably scared of the owl at this point. 

      Is this story for you? 

      Do you like MC's so "aloof or antisocial" that they are nervous or scared in all situations? That their one and only friend hangs out with the group that kicked the MC ass? The friend talks poorly about the MC behind the MC back with the people that beat him up? MC never defending himself in conversations? MC continuously Apologizing internally and externally while looking "evil or arrogant" to other people that have already prejudged him that way? If that sounds interesting, this story is for you. 

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      17 Likes · Like
      Status: The Book

      Awesome story. Well written, art is good and author is consistent with uploads. 

      I'm not the best of critiques, yet I read lots of books, and this one definitely has great potential.

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 4

      Writing style is average but using of bold caps is just painful to read.

      MC gives feeling that he all the time spaces out for days straight and do not then tires to think.

      He is like an amoeba. Thinks nothing. Wants nothing. Does nothing. 

      That novel looks to me like food in Log Horizon that was made through menu. Looks really awesome but has no taste at all. Just pain plastic. 

      Here's the same. When you start reading it looks nice but the more you read the more bland it becomes. 

      Characters, BTW, poorly made. They don't feel alive, don't feel believable.

      This novel is just gray in everything. Can't read this.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 14

      Transmigrated into a noble's beaten son is an easy read.

      The story is set into a story where the transmigrated MC gets promptly beaten up by the reincarnated original MC.

      If that was difficult to follow don't worry, the story does a much better job at explaining. 

      It is a wholesome story with a brisk pace and likeable cast of characters. It is just one of those writings styles that you can jump straight-in and not feel jarred.

      Another USP of the story is the judiciously sprinkled illustrations that bring the story to life. The easy visuals along with the easy to read perfectly brings the story to life.

      I would definitely recommend this story to everyone looking for a nice isekai fantasy without the crutch of it being a game-lit. 

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 12

      I don't have many books in my reading list but this one is one it. Keep up the good work ?

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: anime, s01e04

      So, first of all, this is a story of a supposed bookworm who experienced the horrors of realistic isekai occurrences where one does not guarantee a spot for main protagonist - first who come's first served, disappointingly. Minor spoilers ahead about the current state of the novel: wanna get spoiled? Spoil yourself by reading the novel, you pile of stone with a delicious portion of brown commercial paint.

      As I had previously stated, the story follows the journey of a depressingly unstable teen lowlife who lost everything in his former life. He then was bizarrely transported into a novel pertaining to his current situation after dozing off for a few. Now, you might say something in the lines of: "Oh wow! He got isekai'd into a Noble's beaten son?! Does that mean that the character his soul took over was one who was destined to be the next Avatar due to the punishments of which said hero had endured? AWESOME!" or something, right? WRONG! 

      This already damaged soul perseveres even more torment as he had become an irrelevant supporting character of the novel (sadly not the MC) who, coincidentally, shares a tragic life story as well, known as Naell. Yes, as in Naell this guy to a cross already! A snotty, selfish, ignorant wretch who makes ill of himself after every dimwitted blunder he tactlessly executes, another unfortunate victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Like seriously, how did this guy come to be as so? He be adding up to his family's list of difficulties.

      Our current Naell though changes the fate of the woeful garbage and its owners in which he had been reincarnated as. By unintentionally drifting away from character at important moments of the Beryldot family's side-story, he effectively turned himself into something else: a protagonist located on the outskirts of the main plot, especially since his family's history is definitely not a shounen anime lead's dream. Since then, with the help of his earthly mind and the friends he made along the way, Naell faces the cruel world with science! 

      "Don't they use magic though?" What does science mean to you?

      Place settings are good, but not really appropriate for kingdoms to use stone bricks as walls and fortifications for defense against intruders. Peasants owned fences too, like moi, for managing livestock, poultry, and the like.

      We are also used for more than just protective units, keep that in mind.

      Character development is present, though unnoticeable for the person inside the douchewad. Everyone around the Naell we are tagging along with possess unique attributes that make them pop out as well, like Sebastian being a popular butler and some girls who are adowable (wike his sistwer owo), and his girlfwend. I suggest that Naell should develop on maturity and willpower throughout his journey, breaking free from the lovable wimp mold and transforming into the lovable Chad.

      The plot is typical for an isekai, though its characters provide leeway towards the possibility of wandering off some place else - a medieval slice of life masterpiece! 

      Overall, Transmigrated into a Noble's Beaten Son has a great story, charming oddballs, an admirable environment capturing noble life and its flaws somewhat realistically, and a playful plot. Though there may be some room for improvement, this novel has a bright future ahead for itself, its authors, and its audience. Funny number over ten.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 15

      It is a good story with a good flow of things happening, but the character development is lacking. Keep up the good work, waiting for more chapters.

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      5 Likes · Like
      Status: c14

      Came with a some expectations and left with disappointmentPlot is your usual MC gets transmigrated into a book he read, nothing new here. World building has some potential but naming something just "eastern" and "western" continent doesnt make for an immersive experience. It also doesnt help that the author named a terrorist organization "illuminati" like I physically cringed when I read that. The power system and the theories behind them seems interesting and well thought out so theres that. MC is pretty ok, he's dense, antisocial and lacks some common sense. The story tells us that he's smart dude but that is only academically and not socially and thats pretty ok to me. The way that the story portrays these aspects isnt that annoying and is quite tolerable. He also has a somewhat decent reason for being like that.

      Things I hate about the MC is that hes a goddamn pacifist. I could excuse the fact that hes going full ghandi pacifist build if the world he lives in is somewhat peaceful but no. The world he lives in has magical beasts and literal demons that are out to rule the world. worst part about this is that he even refuse to kill monsters... yes you heard that right. he even refuse to kill monsters that are coming for his and his companions lives... f**king hell. Even if he is someone from the modern world I think he should atleast recognize the fact that in order to properly survive in this world he should atleast  try to stomach killing instead of being a pu**y and avoiding the idea all together.

      Another thing I hate is that whenever the MC does something like magic it will only devolve into a circle jerk from the side characters on how magnificent the MC's greatness is. Which is fine if done in moderation which this novel does not do. I often roll my eyes and skip when these parts come.

      There are some good and mediocre side characters in this story. I just wish that the author tries to develop more of the MC's family especially the mom and sister.

      There are no problems with the grammar but the writing could use a little polishing. Im not a fan of the author's overuse of bold letters, I feel like there is really no need to use them and it just comes of as an attempt to make the writing look "cool". Author's naming sense isnt the greatest in the world so just be prepared to cringe on a few names. Overall a decent novel to read on your free time. It follows the usual JP isekai flow and pacing. Which some people may enjoy. If you are looking for trash of the count's family quality then look somewhere else.   

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      Status: c31

      A very interesting premise. The reactions to the MCs change are rather novel. The MCs internal monologue is reminiscent of overlord: insecure and mild on the inside, but comes off as intimidating and prideful, with elements of good.

      The main thing I dont like is how short the chapters are for how often its released. Their length would be good if it was a bi-weekly release, however a five minute read every week really diminishes this stories impact.

      And while the MCs monologue and the supporting characters reactions are novel, if it continues it will end up getting repetetive and the MC will end up getting bland. I feel like this story will need a well thought out romance to develope the MC and keep him from getting stagnant.

      All in all a slolid 3.5 story so far, but I bumped it up to a 4.

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