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From Tomorrow On, I’ll Be
From Tomorrow On, I’ll Be
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《Through the Eye of the Storm》 was a novel that followed Xuan Lang, a mature and hard-working young man as he braved the cultivation world, carrying on in the righteous path with what remained of his sect as the wulin accused them of setting ablaze their own sect. 89 chapters long, it started out as a story about keeping your heart despite everything.

Then on chapter 73, the author blackened him. The author dropped the novel 16 chapters later.

Shen Jing: W-wait, what happened?!

[Assistant 51C: Welcome, Shen Jing, to the 《Together We Can Stuff Community Initiative》! It's a lie, that's not the project name. But what do you think about fixing the entire second half of this novel, eh?]

Shen Jing: But I've never written a story before...

[Assistant 51C: Silly you. That's what I'm here for, your in-house editor. All you need to do... is live in there and guide them, as one of the characters!]

Shen Jing: Wait, that's even worse!

I'm terrified of talking to people!!!

Thoughtful, observant, quiet, big brother!gong x socially anxious and earnest shidi!shou
Updates when I'm alive

AdventureBoys LoveDramaFantasy
Awkward Protagonist Caring Protagonist Depression Devoted Love Interests Family Hard-Working Protagonist Strong Love Interests System Administrator Timid Protagonist Transmigration Xuanhuan
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