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Deities of Ruin
Deities of Ruin
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A link from someone who disappeared seven years ago. It showed up one day in the group chat we used to talk in all the time. Now, we find ourselves stranded in another world entirely, where god-like beings roam and shake the very earth down to it's core. Physics and the basic rules of nature are meaningless to them, and their very existence destroyed what remained of the people living here... Do we even stand a chance...? Is our friend even alive? I just... No I need to get back home, no matter what it takes...

Adventurers Alternate World Animal Characteristics Beasts Character Growth Clever Protagonist Dystopia Elves Female Protagonist Gamers Gods Gore Magical Technology Multiple POV Multiple Transported Individuals Mutations Parasites Post-apocalyptic Strategist Transported into Another World Weak to Strong Zombies
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