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/ Series / Level system vs Cultivation methods
Level system vs Cultivation methods
Level system vs Cultivation methods
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4.1 (52 ratings)
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Experience vs Meditation.
Muscles vs jade-like skin.
Medical treatment vs acupuncture.
Engineering vs ancient knowledge.
Humans vs immortals.

This is a story of Revolution.
*Also on Royal Road and Webnovel.

Game Elements Kingdom Building Level System Modern Knowledge Sharing A Body Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
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      New FearlessCloud01
      Status: chapter 84
      Apr 22, 2021

      Awesome story. I myself got sick of all the "China number 1" and "Cultivation number 1" BS. I tried reading a similar story earlier on Webnovel, but that very quickly turned stupid when even the MC became a proper cultivator (It's called "The Geared Immortal"). This story started the way it said it would and, so far, has stuck to its basic concepts completely (Deviations might be there but, at least, they aren't big enough for me to notice up until now). As for how the story is, it deserves 5 stars from me. And I feel that the other 5-star reviews give a pretty great explanation why...


      Also, this shows just how bad and inhumane cultivation can be


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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 47
      Dec 30, 2020

      The story has a nice premise, and I enjoyed the introduction of various characters along with their circumstances. However, grammar and spelling mistakes seem common. Furthermore, there are issues with the pacing in both chapter scenes and the story as a whole.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c58
      Oct 29, 2020

      Interesting premise, nice action scenes, and characters are not wooden puppets. I like MC's personality, different from many edgelord anti-hero wannabe MCs many novels are plagued by today.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 61
      Mar 26, 2021

      I'm giving this a five because I feel it deserves a five. This story is to cultivation novels what works like Wanted, Punisher kills Marvel, and the Boys are to comic books, specifically superhero comics. It does a lot of deconstruction and commentary on common tropes in the genre. This is a story about a common man not wanting to put up with cultivators nonsense and him getting a little help via a litrpg system to make change happen, and it is very up front about that. Demonizing cultivators to the point where the cultivators basically become actual demons. 

       I saw an earlier review compare this to a history book and I totally agree. Unlike other works you might compare it to, the MC barely matters. He is at most a catalyst for the greater story that's taking place.  This story is less about the people involved and more about an event of cultural and sociological significance to the story's world. 

      The MC even not-so-briefly hit a level cap, halting his growth, because the story seems to premise itself on the idea of normal, rational, people taking down their corrupt and insane cultivators suppressor. The story is something new and supremely fresh and if you're bored of the usual offerings I whole hearted recommend it.

      That being said, I like superheroes and cultivators, and I prefer stories about people versus events. I will take an B+ slice of life with good character work, over  an A+ action/adventure, where the characters are largely ancillary, anyday. Which is why I and others like me might not find it to be their cup of tea.

      That being said, this story is still very much a 5 star work.

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: --
      Mar 21, 2021

      I've only read a little, but so far so good. There are minor grammar mistakes, but they didn't ruin my reading experience so far. If it was up to me, I'd probably put Maria as the MC more, but that's just a personal preference.

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c61
      Feb 10, 2021

      Honestly, this novel has its cons. There are parts that are not presented correctly, parts that get boring because a lack of wanting to read this, and parts where you think the story isn't going to go anywhere and it'll be another bland light novel that's been done countless times.

      Even when I take into consideration all these negatives...I still rate this 5 stars. 

      This story has a sense of it telling a past story as if your reading a history book but it's made from the perspective of an outsider.

      I can't tell you exactly what makes this novel good because all the parts are great (even if it's a little bad). This novel is probably the only one of its type that I will find, I hope you can enjoy it like I did.

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