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Fate Of The Revenant
Fate Of The Revenant
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At the furthest edge of the Holy Roman Empire lies a town capitalizing upon the ruins of an Ancient city. Wealth and fame are within reach of those willing to reclaim artifacts from the clutches of the endless undead, and the land there is rich and fertile.

Such faraway places as these are not built only upon money, glory, and autonomy, but also upon secrets, anonymity, and desperation. Fugitive sorcerers and hedge knights reside in the quietest corners of the Empire, alongside furtive foreigners and haggard dissidents, each praying that Rome should never see their shadow.

But hide as they might: the Cardinal will find them, and heavy weighs the fate of those who have transgressed against Rome!

AdventureDramaFantasyGirls LoveMatureRomanceSupernatural
Adopted Children Cute Children Devoted Love Interests Doctors Elves Fantasy Creatures Folklore Kingdom Building Magic Magical Space Magical Technology Multiple Protagonists Mutated Creatures Mythical Beasts Obsessive Love Orphans Overpowered Protagonist Post-apocalyptic Religions Resurrection Shapeshifters Sharing A Body Vampires Witches Zombies
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