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Beloved God
Beloved God
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The "Farin" are those that bring the sacrifice.
The "Alvarr" are those that take it.
Deep into the mountain carriers walk, blindfolded, carrying fruits and meat.
For a "Farin", seeing their Gods would be blasphemy. Don't make a sound, don't look, don't react. Set down the sacrifice and leave.
When the young "Farin" is attacked by a wild animal during the process, his blindfold loosens - and he stares right into an "Alvarr's" golden eyes. Little did he know that the so-called gods didn't care about their regular visitors and weird fruit, and especially not about being seen.
Curious about the human's reaction, Alvarr sticks around.
And, well, since there is no use crying over spilled milk, Farin just decides to enjoy the mysterious being's company.
Between not even sharing a language and vastly different customs, two people end up getting along much better than expected.
-- Currently updating every two days. --

Boys LoveComedyFantasyHistorical
Animal Characteristics Calm Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cute Story Different Social Status Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Human-Nonhuman Relationship Language Barrier Secret Relationship
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