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Emperor of the North
Emperor of the North
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What do you think gods see about the worlds they control.

A home for their children, a place to test mortals, maybe a gameboard?

Without the morals of mortals, powerful gods and goddesses picking people from different realities and worlds and put them in their gameboards to watch them for fun.

Erwin is an old army officer who is one of the victims who chosen to play the villain in God's new game.

But with an unexpected turn, a conflict inside the gods allowed him to choose his fate.

Now, in a parallel world, Erwin doesn't know anything about it. He must learn and play by his enemy's rules.

In a world made for heroes to play and villains to suffer, could Erwin found a way to home, or will he lose control of the bloodlust psychopath inside and left the world with blood on his hands.

Emperor Of The North is a story about a man trying to change his fate against gods who won't hesitate to take a mortal's life just for fun.

But it won't be easy as there will be monsters, demons, heroes blinded by gifts given them by gods, and people who want to gain power waiting on Erwins way.

Antihero Protagonist Army Building Artifacts Conditional Power Cruel Characters Demons Determined Protagonist Dwarfs Engineer Evil Gods Evil Religions Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Kingdom Building Magic Magical Technology Medieval Military Monsters Necromancer Politics Ruthless Protagonist Survival Sword And Magic Underestimated Protagonist
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