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Emperor of the North
Emperor of the North
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Erwin is an ex-army officer who found himself in a snowy forest.

At first, he thought he came here because of something he drank while hanging with his friends, but later a strange Voice, which calls itself Guideline, reached Erwin.

Without knowing its purpose or why he is in a different world, he tries to survive, improve and learn.

As he progressed forward. Erwin learned he was supposed to be the Lich King, a villain destined to be defeated by heroes, but because of a conflict that happened between gods, he isn't affected by a curse which supposed to turn him into a monster with no self-control.

With a broken guideline and some powers of The Lich King he is supposed to be, Erwin will rise from a nothing trying to survive in a snowy forest to a conqueror who will turn God's precious playground into his.

Antihero Protagonist Army Army Building Artifacts Cruel Characters Demons Determined Protagonist Dwarfs Empires Engineer Evil Gods Evil Religions Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Kingdom Building Kingdoms Magic Magical Technology Medieval Military Monsters Necromancer Politics Survival Sword And Magic
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