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Pawns of God
Pawns of God
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Join Mark in his fight against a God and change the game's destiny!

Delve into a slow-paced story focused on the progression of the main party and the development of the world. Mark himself will be narrating his life inside the game, and to a much lesser extend outside. Guild building, economy, and strategy are the central pieces of the novel.

Mark is not overpowered, he will have to build his own power through action-packed battles, trials, traumas, love, and death. Accompany him, the healer and the strategist, an agent of chaos, in the adventure of his life.

You can find an extended synopsis in the table of contents.

* As requested by the Scribbly Anniversary V2 contest, I state that the cover art is a paid work and I have full rights over it.

Magic Male Protagonist MMORPG RPG Slow Growth at Start Virtual Reality
  1. 25. Lives at stakeApr 5, 2021
  2. 24. It’s closed!Mar 31, 2021
  3. 23. Field TripMar 31, 2021
  4. 22. QuestionsMar 24, 2021
  5. 21. OgricideMar 20, 2021
  6. 20. PowerlevelingMar 19, 2021
  7. 19. Party StatusMar 17, 2021
  8. 18. ConsequencesMar 16, 2021
  9. 17. Ta’LahrMar 10, 2021
  10. 16. DeeperMar 8, 2021
  11. 15. BackfireMar 6, 2021
  12. 14. Real EstateMar 5, 2021
  13. 13. Wind DownMar 4, 2021
  14. 12. At War?Mar 2, 2021
  15. 11. Back at the MinesFeb 28, 2021
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