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/ Series / Battlefield Restart: Mortal God
Battlefield Restart: Mortal God
Battlefield Restart: Mortal God
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3.8 (24 ratings)
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(Cover drawn by Darkstar Dust)

After retiring from the battlefield, my life became empty and lifeless. The regrets of my past haunt me in my sleep. Then a change occurred, a King from another world summoned me to fight for his kingdom, but I died even before I could give him my answer. Now, after a fake God allowed me to reincarnate (albeit imperfectly) with my memories intact, into a world filled with magic and swords.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsPsychological
Accelerated Growth Adventurers Age Progression Alternate World Assassins Boss-Subordinate Relationship Brainwashing Butlers Wuxia Xuanhuan
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    Status: crouching cats, hidden vipers

    Synopsis - 

    An old man from earth retires from being a soldier. He gets transported to another world and dies. He then reincarnates in that world as a boy named Simon, Simon struggles to keep his bloodthirsty nature locked up and must face his demons.

    Overall, the story is well made with some chapters focused on the main character and some being put in a side character's perspective. The characterisation is great as we see Simon slowly changing his out look on his life and various traits that show themselves as a result. 

    He goes through many events and constantly changes his persona as well as chain of thoughts. The story is split up into 3 arcs as of writing. The first one being more world building and Simon slowly adapting to his new surroundings. In the second Arc, Simon starts to deviate from his normal personality and is now going through a battle with his demons both mentally and physically. In the third Arc, Simon deals with the aftermath of his battle and now takes a new outlook on life with various ominous chapters perhaps showing whats to come. 

    Although this is just a opinion, the story IS set in a fantasy setting and magic doesn't seem to make a large impact of the story as most of the writing is focused on Simon's mental warfare. Perhaps the author COULD make magic more of a presence as there aren't many feats of strength regarding magic but this is fair enough as the character interactions with Simon are interesting enough so this section is just an opinion / suggestion.  

    In conclusion. The story is well written and should be taken lightly and given the benefit of the doubt. You may like to just try it and give it a chance and drop the story if it may not be to your suiting. 

    Rating - 4/5

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