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A Little Wicked
A Little Wicked
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Luka Haines, eldest daughter of General Johnathan Haines in the kingdom of Deus, was married to the twelfth prince, Daniel Blackwood, as it was decreed by the previous King before he passed on in sickness.

Just as Luka thought her dreams had come true, within the first four years as Queen, those dreams came shattering down as Daniel revealed his true face – a sinister, malicious schemer who craves for power and lusts after women. He only wanted her family’s military power for himself.

Because of Luka’s upbringing, she withstood all kinds of humiliation with a smile of her face as she was only Empress in name. It was plain to see that her most trusted best friend decided to stab her in the back, sleeping with her husband, becoming his consort and gaining his favor – tipping her title as Queen over to herself.

After fighting for her title and her emperor’s favor for the last 38 years, Daniel decided to relieve her of her grieving, personally sending her to hell... However, her life does not end there.

She was reincarnated, and lived her second life to the fullest, forgetting all of the painful memories of her previous life. It was only after Luka passed away in her second life that she was once again reborn into her first life as Luka Haines, making it back in time to when Daniel had just revealed his true face and her best friend was there with him, bringing all her memories with her.

Now that she has returned, Luka will do everything in her powers to keep her family safe, her people safe as the Queen of Deus.

“Well~, well~, aren’t you wicked?"

Luka smiled, “Just a little.”

Arrogant Characters Average-looking Protagonist Black Belly Caring Protagonist Charming Protagonist Child Abuse Complex Family Relationships Doting Love Interests Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Incest Jack of All Trades Kingdoms Love Interest Falls in Love First Love Triangles Male Yandere Older Love Interests Orgy R-18 Rape Reincarnation Reverse Harem Threesome Weak to Strong Younger Love Interests
  1. Chapter 2Jun 18, 2019
  2. Chapter 1Jun 13, 2019
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