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/ Series / Surviving the apocalypse as a vampire!
Surviving the apocalypse as a vampire!
Surviving the apocalypse as a vampire!
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4.6 (11 ratings)
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Well, I think a lot of humans thought and even prepare for the day the apocalypse happened, but reality unforgivably hit them in the face as they died like cows in a slaughterhouse.
Not that it matters to me, really, I'm a vampire after all; no zombie can match me and is even fun to bully them around while I have the whole city to myself.
All goody of goods.

MC: I hope you two are prepared.
ML1: Prepared? What for?
ML2: If you hurt him...
MC: *smirk smugly* For vampires are known to have a lot of... stamina in yourselves...
ML2: ... *Hides blush*
ML1: Stamina? For what? *look at both of them, confused*

Surviving the Apocalypse BL/YAOI: Can be read as a stand alone, is a more fast paced story and more kinky than romantic, though it will build up with time. MATURE content in almost every chapter (gore, smut, etc)

Warning ~ This is a BL story, which means it contains Manxman action, read at your own accord.
It may contain gore, explicit smut, not so nice people, mature content.

ActionBoys LoveFantasyHorrorMysterySupernatural
Apocalypse BDSM Threesome Vampires Zombies
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