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/ Series / Ultimate Rooster Evolution (A Monster Evolution LITRPG Story)
Ultimate Rooster Evolution (A Monster Evolution LITRPG Story)
Ultimate Rooster Evolution (A Monster Evolution LITRPG Story)
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Ryan Alfa Edison lived a good life until a planet-sized hand destroyed Earth at his wedding and transferred earthlings to another world. Some people were reborn, some people had their souls attached to dead bodies, and some people simply teleported to this world.

Ryan had stinky-like gutter luck. When he woke up, he found himself in the body of a jungle rooster. Alone in this world, he had to adapt, got more magical abilities, and evolve into stronger monster forms.

Later in his journey, Ryan realized being alone in another world with magic and magical creatures was dangerous, but luckily, he had the ability to raise undead monsters. He would build a strong army of undead monsters in order to survive and find out the reason for his existence in another world.

This a journey of a necromancer rooster.

Army Building Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Game Ranking System Magic Monsters Necromancer Non-human Protagonist
Table of Contents 34
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Table of Contents
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