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/ Series / Siblings by Day, Lovers by Night: Vol 2
Siblings by Day, Lovers by Night: Vol 2
Siblings by Day, Lovers by Night: Vol 2
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Evie should be on cloud nine. Despite a couple of bumps along the way, she was finally able to see her love for her brother, Damien, come to fruition. What does that mean? Well, it should mean hot, messy sex whenever she wants it. Followed, of course, by an equally important cuddle session. But her Damien hides demons she's never known before, and though he's come to admit his feelings for Evie he still hasn't quite accepted them. Burdened by a deep sense of disgust and self-loathing, there's also the problem of his lack of faith in Evie's ability to take their newfound relationship as seriously as the situation demands.

With their mother's sudden and premature reappearance into their lives, bringing with her a whole host of troubles, Evie is going to have to work that much harder to prove to Damien just how deep her devotion runs.

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  1. Chapter 1Oct 13, 2021
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