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In the Shadow of Heaven
In the Shadow of Heaven
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Yan BarCarran has never felt at home. She’s an orphan among her extended family, a spacer among the ground dwellers while at school, and a one-in-a-million oddity born with the ability to use the God-given power. Still, at least at the Academy, an elite theological school where those with the power are sent to train, she knows where she stands. Her peaceful life falls apart when she receives her apprenticeship invitation at graduation.

Aymon Sandreas is the de facto leader of the Empire. He commands hundreds of powerful starships and keeps order among the planets under his rule. He’s also getting older, and the time has come for him to choose apprentices, one of whom will eventually become his chosen successor. He picks three students: the spiritual and talented Yan, the mysterious and troubled Kino, and the impulsive and striving Sid.

Now in the dead center of politics, Yan faces danger from would-be assassins and political rivals. If she doesn’t learn well enough and fast enough, she’ll die before she ever has a chance to make a difference. Between her fellow apprentices, the reformed criminal tasked with teaching her survival, and even her powerful master, Yan isn’t sure who to trust in this dangerous new world.

Sometimes, the right choice is the hardest thing to see.

DramaGirls LoveMaturePsychologicalSci-fiTragedy
Character Growth Childhood Friends Clever Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Cosmic Wars Court Official Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Disabilities Dystopia Empires Evil Religions Friends Become Enemies Interconnected Storylines Long Separations Manly Gay Couple Multiple POV Outer Space Secrets Sign Language Stoic Characters Strategist Strength-based Social Hierarchy Torture Unreliable Narrator
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