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Plague Children
Plague Children
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Years ago, in the country of Sei'O, a plague spread and turned half of their population to stone. The children of those infected were born with skin abandoned of all color. Completely grey, they were known as Plague Children.

Though they possessed no ability to spread the plague, they were heavily mistreated, discriminated against, ostracized, and often times killed at their younger ages.

The story follows the young Plague Child Ora, as he gains one of the strongest relics the world would ever come to see. With it, everything changes with relative ease. What fate awaits this world that heavily mistreated Ora?

In this world of magic, relics, and ancient arts, no one could be certain.

Abandoned Children Ability Steal Ancient Times Antihero Protagonist Artifacts Character Growth Enemies Become Allies Magic Mysterious Illness Overpowered Protagonist
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      Status: chapter 17
      Feb 6, 2019

      Really loving the story so far, it really pulls you in can't wait to see how Ora progresses later on in the story. Keep up the good work 

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      Status: chapter 40
      Apr 18, 2019

      A typical outcast story with a twist. Our poor child isn't alone. And that makes all the difference.

      With the introduction of the group concept Ora has multiple opinions around him that he cares about. Whether or not that is a good thing is another matter but hey, the more the merrier! Anyways, it does add a certain influence on who Ora is right from the start, and with them all growing up together it makes for an interesting element. People you can't ignore but you also care about are pretty much the ones who will f**k up the story or make it amazing. In this case there hasn't been much influence aside from the occasional moment of bonding that keeps Ora from going dark.

      Aside from one character who I'd prefer to be killed off in a complex and gruesome manner, whose name definitely doesn't start with an S and end in ela, the existing characters are a bit different, but not enough to quite make me remember their names. That either means that they're too much of a template or I'm losing my memory, though I'm not quite that old yet. Overall, I'm holding out hope that they're going to receive distinctly different personalities, their actions may be different but they're largely cut from the same cloth. A concerned childhood friend who you mess around with. None of them are particularly close with Ora, expresses some sort of rivalry against him or is exceptionally outstanding in their own unique way. Admittedly some of them have their own powers like Rel's strength and that one girls' lightning but it isn't shown enough to make much of a difference. More of an inconsequential detail than an actual attribute. Perhaps if that girl had a training montage that showed her actively using her powers and flesh it out, instead of just saying anyone she touches is shocked. Similarly, an idea for Rels' strength is if he displayed it growing from certain feats of strength, a citywide competition for the strongest man, or maybe he comes across a blocked path in the forest and lifts it. So far all we know is that he is strong, but we have yet to see it in any actual situation.

      Overall, a good novel to read, mind the occasional error in grammar and missing words and you'll be fine. The story is in early stages still. Writing could be improved on, but hey, life itself is a WIP. Kudos to the author for making it this far!

      P.S, as a side note for those wanting some extra chapters, the novel is also up on royal roadl under the same name and is currently four chapters ahead. So if you're hankering for more there may be some on there.

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