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/ Series / Living As A Cannon Fodder- BL
Living As A Cannon Fodder- BL
Living As A Cannon Fodder- BL
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When Zhang Yuan died, as just 22 years old, he did not expect to go to a better place.
Leading an unconventional life as a scammer and hitting wallets from time to time, he definitely did not expect to go to paradise when he closed his eyes.
However he also did not expect that he would be forced to connect to a system of reincarnations with the main objective of entering into various chaotic worlds and repairing the fate of all those supporting characters who were wronged by the success of the protagonist.
Lives that ended painfully, loss of love, ruin of family … Like the worst of villains, the end of these mere extras was none other if not tragic.
An endless list of grievances and hatred fell directly on Yuan’s lap and now he has only two options: To enter into these worlds, assuming the identities of all those who felt hurt by the plot … Or having his soul completely destroyed without the direct of reborn

-That story is based on Chinese novels in the style of quick transmigration. Just based. It is not a translation or plagiarism.
-English is not my native language, so any mistake please notify me

Boys LoveComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiRomanceSupernaturalTragedy
Acting Alternate World Ancient Times Apocalypse Black Belly Devoted Love Interests Love Interest Falls in Love First Male Yandere Multiple Realms Multiple Transported Individuals Omegaverse Possessive Characters Revenge Shameless Protagonist Soul Power System Administrator Transmigration Wealthy Characters World Hopping
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      Status: 1.4 you give love a bad name
      Mar 30, 2019

      it's a little bit to early to give a detailed review.. Whatever, as the story goes on I will just update it.

      !WARNING! Read the tags before you start reading the story. Everything in my review is my own opinion. You can have different thoughts about it.


      The plot is really exciting! It has quick transmigrations as a concept so it would probably has a lot of subplots. The arc we are in right now is definitely my cup of tea. ;)


      Right now I don't know much of mc's character, but one thing for sure.. He is badass lol. And it's the way he thinks is understandable concerning his previous lives living conditions, but that made him in my opinion more likable and interesting. (ノ≧ڡ≦) &Nbsp;

      Writing style:

      The way the story is written is so enjoyable it dragged me in it. And as a bonus I didn't spot any grammatical mistakes. 

      Thanks to the author for my new favourite story and It definitely won't wast your time.

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