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The First Born
The First Born
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This story is of a youth, who is an outcast even among his family, even with imperfection he lives. His life in his so-called home consists of his wife and servant, but all changes one day, now he runs from the family with his wife and servant, to survive, to live, to smile.

A future, without hope, is in front of him, what shall he do, let's find out the untold story.

<Prior Notice>
1> It's my first time writing.
2>Story is not word limited, but objective related.
(Means- Story can be as short as 1000 words, to 2000 Words, to 5000 words.)
3> Not an 'Adventure life' story, but a 'Living life' story.
4>I appreciate genuine criticism, so do tell me about my shortcoming.
5>Story can be late, but I won't stop writing.
6>Monthy Chapter Release- 5 Chapters
Hope You Enjoy it, Like How I Enjoy Writing it.

Animal Characteristics Childhood Love Complex Family Relationships Cruel Characters Demons Doting Love Interests Familial Love First-time Intercourse Human-Nonhuman Relationship Incest Inheritance Kingdoms Loyal Subordinates Master-Servant Relationship Polygamy R-18 Rape Sword And Magic
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