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/ Series / The Slytherin Magus
The Slytherin Magus
The Slytherin Magus
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4.4 (33 ratings)
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Liam Smith dies after a pitiful existence on earth and transmigrates into the dying body of a Wizard in the Harry Potter Universe.

He is granted a simple system that has the potential to make him one of the strongest Wizards but the path he has to take is not an easy one.

Join him as he starts at the very bottom, rejected from every side, and makes his way to the pinnacle of the Wizarding world

+ read up to 12 advance chapters at

*** The setting of this fic is post-cannon, starting off right after the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, (excluding the epilogue) ***

*** The System previously contained an OOC Feature which has been edited out. Please point out any inconsistencies that you might see. ***

*** This fanfiction is being published on Webnovel, ScribbleHub, and RoyalRoad by me. ***

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Harry Potter
Level System Magic Transmigration
Table of Contents 109
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 37. a sackful of rock...

    I'm on chapter 37 now, but sorry, I can't keep reading this story (it's even more like the main character's diary). I can't empathize with the characters and the MC (they're not well revealed). Another disadvantage: Points of characteristics in the system do not affect the MC (4 INTA and 120 INTA, and the MC is the same. I.e. Perceives and processes information in the same way, mental fatigue at previous loads is not reduced, the recovery time of mental and physical forces is not reduced, the foresight of action is not improved, and so on). Also unknown are the statistics of other characters and because of this it is not clear how strong MC. The idea is good, but worth working on the implementation. Good luck and success to the author.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 80. The Breath of the...

    honestly speaking, the first major arc of this series was 'meh', for me at least. It had interesting characters but it just felt like the protag was too OP and got everything- strength, intelligence, friends, status, no bullying, dates, just everything- but then the current arc hit, and a lot of things changed, I rly like this arc, and the implications it has on our protag's relationships.

    to any incoming readers, the first 40-ish chapters will be the self-insert type, after which a reality-check chapter hits and sh*t rly hits the fan. But, I cannot make any confirmations that the current arc determines the future, and it is likely that the story is gonna become more self-inserty again, which I will be sad for, cos this has a lot of potential.

    my advice to the author- pls, make sure the characters act like ppl, esp MC, don't make him do anything weird just for self-insert. This arc is the perfect opportunity to change up ur mc's dynamics with the other cast. I personally find an MC who has a clear weakpoint, like a strong weakpoint (my suggestion, an inability to trust others, and acting hostile, rude to otehrs) and him slowly working to break it than just a boring self-insert- its up to u to make the decisions, I binged ur series in a couple days, like it so far.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1. i want to beat...

    friend, I will follow the story from this platform, rip to Webnovel xd, the story is different from other Fanfics, although it starts low, it improves more and more, I like the current arc a lot.

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    2 Likes · Like
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