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/ Series / The Slytherin Magus
The Slytherin Magus
The Slytherin Magus
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Liam Smith dies after a pitiful existence on earth and transmigrates into the dying body of a Wizard in the Harry Potter Universe.

He is granted a simple system that has the potential to make him one of the strongest Wizards but the path he has to take is not an easy one.

Join him as he starts at the very bottom, rejected from every side, and makes his way to the pinnacle of the Wizarding world

"I am the son of a Death Eater..."

Like my past life wasn't already shitty enough. That isn't even the worst part.

"My entire family is a shame, not only to the Wizarding world but also to Death Eaters."

With no one on my side, I have to save the Wizarding world and restore my family’s name.

*** The setting of this fic is post-cannon, starting off right after the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, (excluding the epilogue) ***

*** The System will contain an OOC Feature. However it's only for a short time as the mc quickly unlocks the Feature. ***

*** This fanfiction is being published on Webnovel, ScribbleHub, and RoyalRoad by me. ***

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Harry Potter
Level System Magic Transmigration
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Table of Contents
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