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/ Series / Dueling life in a futuristic world
Dueling life in a futuristic world
Dueling life in a futuristic world
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4.5 (95 ratings)
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When an average working man in his thirties gets fired, he receives a strange E-Mail.
He happens to play YGO in his downtime and the E-Mail looks to be about a new YGO game.
He registers and thinks nothing of it.
Unknown to him, a devious goddess has already got a plan for him.

// This novel is an experiment, plus my first novel, and while I've gone to great lengths to make sure it's enjoyable to read, please keep that in mind.//

Release Schedule: Every Saturday (On Pause)

The story takes place in a world separate from any Yu-Gi-Oh universe but very much inspired by them (Just more futuristic), and I'm still pondering as to if I will bring some characters from other universes over (As of this moment, I'm siding with not doing so, but it's still a possibility).

Mature tags in there but don't expect 18+ chapters right away. They will always take second place in the plot.

I use "EDO Pro" and "YGO Omega" to plan the duels.

Card pictures are linked from YGOPRODECK CDN.
Konami owns "Yu-Gi-Oh!", "Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel" and all its accompanying cards.

Cover created using Midjourney Basic

ActionAdultEcchiFanfictionGender BenderIsekaiMatureSchool LifeSci-fi
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugioh
Academy Alternate World Awkward Protagonist Battle Academy Card Games Futuristic Setting Male to Female Masturbation Nudity Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Sadistic Characters Sex Friends Tomboyish Female Lead
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c40

    A fascinating story. I came here for YGO but what I found is something unique that can stand on its own.

    Despite the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh is the foundation for the worldbuilding aspect in this novel, it doesn't feel like that is a necessity.

    What does that mean?

    Well, the Yu-Gi-Oh aspect feels more like a crutch. "Crutch" sounds rather negative, but I mean it in an objective way. The author clearly knows their inns and outs about the card game in its current (modern) state and it shows. Even more niche aspects like Action Duels and Duel Runners are explored here.

    Just that it could've used any other form of "battling" and the story would've been just as good without the "Yu-Gi-Oh" tag that might act as a barrier of entry for potential readers.

    Don't get me wrong, using an existing framework that you and many others are already familiar with, reduces the need for exposition and eases the process of writing. You don't need to come up with everything yourself. Leaning onto existing material lets you focus on other parts of your story - which is character development and interpersonal relations in this case. I believe the author definitely wanted to write a Yu-Gi-Oh based story and then came up with the original parts later, not the other way around.

    Now, is this a problem? Maybe. Not with the story in itself, but rather, how it markets itself.

    For many, "fanfiction" is a deterrent that repels readers due to its bad reputation (especially due to sites like wa✝✝pad). One could replace the Yu-Gi-Oh aspects with modern cultivation or magic powers and I feel the novel wouldn't be any worse. 

    Seen from a different angle though, this might also be a good thing. Using an already existing medium can advertise your story to that special subset of readers to build a following from the getgo (and possibly future stories).

    I myself gave the story a shot because, as of lately, I have come around to start reading fanfictions. I certainly don't regret doing so in this case. 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: (11) hello nwda island.

    Despite there only being a few chapters as of this review I enjoy how the author has wrote decently believable characters so far and has used the yugioh elements of the story differently than other yugioh story’s by focusing on actual yugioh games instead of the show’s characters and notable cards which despite being a perfectly fine theme for a story is something I am starting to find stale and common in most yugioh story’s. I also enjoy the focus on more modern yugioh. Overall I am enjoying the story and hope to read more to see how the story progresses

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c56(current)

    It is paced extremely well. The new world is inviting, technology is described fluidly and the general writing style is really solid.

    Characters are not the best, but not the worst, not even close. I'd say a solid 4/5 on them, because the main cast isn't all that unique or interesting, and the side characters might as well be rolls of toilet paper. Every one of them is a rich young master who don't got no time for your poor sassy ass. Seriously, it would have been cool to see that for every one of these rich asses there's some kids struggling in slums or something working. You know, this could have led to character development for the main cast as well. I'm just giving ideas though, not critisism with this. Personal opinion doesn't matter, your novel, your characters.

    Plot is... well it hasn't really progressed right? Can't blame author, pacing is good. Just leaving this blank.

    The decks are... myah. Everyone who isn't the main character is playing with a sh*t mixture of what they pulled from their singular box from Walmart and combining it with their big brother's collection from 2002. It would have been cool to see them have good cards, but not know how to deck build or play them. Instead they have piles of sh*t while MC is running around with a 1 card ftk. I love the MCs OPness, just think the others being sh*t could have been told differently.

    As I've said, the world is described well and is inviting to the reader. Only problem for me at least would be the person not being able to summon certain types of cards and MC being a god emperor with all 5. Yeah, there was a need to make MC special, but being able to summon all types of cards is only needed in like D/D/D. Hell, most decks only need 1, or maybe even none. Meaning this really shouldn't matter unless you're playing a combo deck. MEANING it literally shouldn't matter that MC can summon all types of cards. Yeah, she's special but not god emperor status because of it. This also makes you wonder stuff about the world like if extra deck summoning is really that special, why doesn't everyone else just run 3 skill drain 3 imperial order and play eldlich. Like these things need to be addressed to make the reader not question it. Are they banned? What even is the ban list?

    Even with all my issues, this for me right now is shaping up to be one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics I've read. Seriously good stuff. Positives far outweigh the negatives.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: (68) nostalgic times

    Well for starters I really like how the author made it feel like a yugioh series even though the more mature aspect being prominent in this one. I know you wanted to do more of a lesbian type of yugioh but it really bothers me the fact that the number of males that we saw in the book is like what? 2 people? The rest are a bunch of girls that are lesbian as well. Feels like you're afraid of making male friends/acquaintances and limiting it to a couple of old guys that barely appear. Still it's really well made in the aspect of the duels/characters reaction.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 33

    The story is amazingly written, the grammar is perfect. A few spelling mistakes but those are minimal.

    The author knows the game extremely well which makes the reading experience really fun. Also posting the pictures of the card with what happens in the game and a description helps a lot.

    The MC is likeable and the characters around the MC feel alive. Each character has their own problems and the MC has influence in their own story. 

    Overall the overarching story is great, the potential for world building just keeps growing each chapter and the author is doing an amazing job detailing the surrounding world.

    I fully recommend this story.

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