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/ Series / Untitled Demon Book
Untitled Demon Book
Untitled Demon Book
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4.8 (8 ratings)
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After a few hundred boring years in Hell, Vivi’xidan finally summoned to the mortal plane.

Follow Vivi on the path of adventure and learning more about mortals (which are no less cunning than most demons), as Hell tries to follow them and ruin all the fun. It's an action adventure with fighting and magic and monster people.


Note: This is my first time posting online anything I wrote. And English is not my native language. I try to do a few reviews before posting, but I'm still learning. If you find any errors or have constructive criticism, please tell me! I will be happy if you leave comments.

Content warning information: this story includes lots of killing of different sentient beings, but it doesn't have explicit gore. I still put a content warning, because it's better to be safe than sorry. It also contains a few profane words here and there... No sex scenes or traumatic content, I'll try to keep it positive.

Antihero Protagonist Curious Protagonist Demons Fantasy World Female Protagonist Genderless Protagonist Magic Non-human Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Secret Identity Shapeshifters
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Table of Contents
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