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The swarm.
A unitary force of countless entities.
Nightmarish creatures from the darkest depths.
All working towards a greater purpose.
Simply fulfilling their role in a complex system.
Abducted from the world I know I am now forced to become a part of this.
Forced to help these horrors to increase their power.
However, they are not mindless killers.
There might be a way for me.
I could influence them from the inside.
To prevent that anyone has to die.
To protect the ones I love.
Maybe I can adjust.

If not for the eggs.

ActionFantasyHorrorPsychologicalSlice of Life
Army Building Empires Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Forced Living Arrangements Genetic Modifications Half-human Protagonist Indecisive Protagonist Insects Language Barrier Medieval Monster Society Non-human Protagonist Politics R-15 Race Change Sword And Magic Wars
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      New Insect_Fucker
      Status: chapter 43


      Would read again. Great work of the author.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter #

      This novel is immensely difficult to read but not for the body horror, race transformation, and wasp/ant-like biology. Formicea is difficult to read because of the main character's borderline obsession with being human, doing human things, and ascribing human traits to non-human beings. Never has a novel given me such emotional pain because of the actions, choices, and words of a character. Honestly, this is probably only a problem for me, and to another person would seem like a good thing however for me her obsession with humanity is migraine-inducing and disappointing. The grammar is fine if you don't have a stick up your ass and if you can handle a documentary on ants you will be able to handle this story. 

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 34

      Pretty good

      Im interested to see the interactions between an insectoid race and humans. Their cultures are so different, so it'll be interesting to see how they mix.

      The grammar isn't very good, but I don't care

      The MC cares quite a bit about being human, which is slightly annoying, (I want to surpass the limitations of the basic human form) but I guess a lot of people would act the same way as her. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 14

      First: This is definitely light horror. There aren't any jump scares or murders, just.... disturbing biology that the main character, Erys, can't really get over, which is understandable once you read far enough to understand why she can't escape it.

      Second: Do not read read if you are afraid of giant insects.

      Overall, this is a decent story. It will never be one of the best, but it manages to keep the audience's attention and not stagnate.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 3

      I love the insectoid aesthetic, and hivemind that's been hinted at so far!

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      0 Likes · Like
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