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/ Series / Path of the Hive Queen
Path of the Hive Queen
Path of the Hive Queen
438.2k Views 15440 Favorites 190 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2092 Readers
4.6 (135 ratings)
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A girl wakes up alone in the wilderness with no memory, climbing out of an egg. She has human knowledge that doesn’t seem to match her body. Now she needs to not only survive, but figure out the blue boxes, her biology, and how to build up and protect her hive, while balancing her Hive Queen instincts with the human parts of her mind. Her instincts want her to treat her progeny as expendable tools and destroy everything that might possibly one day be a threat. She’d rather not become an apocalypse. But she does need to secure resources and territory for her hive, and maybe a bit of conquest wouldn’t be so bad.

A fantasy adventure with litRPG elements and kingdom building, telling the story of a Hive Queen and her family.

This story will also be posted on RoyalRoad.


Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Evolution Female Protagonist Humanoid Protagonist Kingdom Building Level System Lost Civilizations Loyal Subordinates Magic Medieval Modern Knowledge Monster Society Monsters Multiple POV Non-human Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Psychic Powers Reincarnated as a Monster Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 190
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Table of Contents
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    This story was hit and miss with me. With many good points and interesting ideas. Such as the MC reincarnating as a Hive Queen and using her advanced knowledge to help her hive out. But also some pretty harsh probelms with the story. Such as a naive and stupid MC, which I just can't bring myself to enjoy. As of chapter 78 thr MC has revealed one of her greatest weapons to her enemies on purpose and even got herself caught by a magical net because she thought it would be a good idea to not pay attention in battle while flying in the sky right in the middle of a fight. She did escape the net but then landed in the middle of the enemy. Anyone else would be dead because of this. I would of personaly shot an arrow into the head of an enemy general who was just zoned out in the sky who was spying on talking enemies instead of facusing on the fight. Don't even get me started on the MC using fire spells on a fire wolf and saying, "That wasn't very effective." Like duh it wasn't effective, use your magic missile... That thing that lets you put a hole in someones head.  Not many people like reading a story about a stupid MC. Unless for comedy reasons. This is just a couple of examples. There are many silly moments that could prove fatal. Most of the horrible moments come from the MC not deciding on weither she will be a frontline general or a general in the back leading her forces with perfect cohesion. Now me saying all this doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the story. This is just a critique of the the writing for the MC. The story definately has alot of potential and I am hoping that this will help put things as a outside look in at the story so that hopefully the creator can write a better story.


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    Status: Chapter 48: Upgrade and Training

    Love this story!! Just finished reading to lastest chapter, had a blast honestly, too bad I'll have to wait for new chapters now. Everything is Fantastic, although the plot could be progressed faster in my opinion... still it's not too bad to make you drop the story, instead it brings depth and enhanced attachment to the story. The MC is a normal character with no edginess and dumbness. The author potray's the MC wonderfully and allows the reader to connect or atleast imagine the MC as a "Normal Human Being (minus the human) " which is rare in novels and mangas. 

    Would definitely suggest reading this book, this is really good if you want something new other than those necromancer novels to feed the inner war/army monger.

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    Status: chapter 1: welcome to the world

    Fantastique world building, I really like the evolution of the Hive in this story and how they juste try there best with absolutely nothing at there disposition!

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    Status: chapter 41: an opening

    Great story, starts fine and gets better, the further you read. I recommend this novel strongly! :D

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    Status: chapter 59: class choices

     It's not really about insectoid species, it's about humans with some insect traits attached. 

     Otherwise, characters are decently written, are able to communicate properly. Also, a rare 3rd person perspective for novel on this site, and it is written properly with little orthographic or grammatic mistakes.

     Story is a bit slow paced, but as it is going to be about interaction between kingsoms it's the usual. Politics are slow. 

     Characters so far didn't have to show much, with protagonist as exception. She seems capable and is not reluctant when it comes to dealing with threats. A blessing to see some semblance of an adult, considering this site's overabundance of young adult/teen leads.

     World is our usual gods driven fantasy with monsters, elves and xenophobic humans. System is not reliant on health, for once, so what damage body recieves - stays. No dumb surving at 1hp bullcrap, even if your head is barely attached.

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