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/ Series / Markets and Multiverses (A Serial Transmigration LitRPG)
Markets and Multiverses (A Serial Transmigration LitRPG)
Markets and Multiverses (A Serial Transmigration LitRPG)
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4.8 (98 ratings)
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The primary ability of a transmigrator is the ability to reincarnate. Each life, each world brings a plethora of new abilities and possibilities which can be assimilated and taken into the next world. A clever transmigrator can build up their abilities in just a few lives, eventually reaching a point where they can masquerade as gods in weaker worlds, become archmages in stronger worlds, and become legends in their own right.

When Isabelle and her friends are dumped into the world of transmigrators, at first it seems like a blessing. Their new status grants them the ability to visit the myriad worlds of the multiverse, grow stronger, and live practically forever, as long as they don’t make a mistake and permanently die. Every world has its own unique aspects, different magic systems to learn and use, and a myriad of interesting things to explore and discover. Each lifetime is unique, and no two worlds are the same.

However, between each life Isabelle and her friends must return to the Market. The place between lives, where transmigrators used to trade Items and Abilities and grow their power. Now, it is ruined. A desiccated shell of the most powerful civilization to exist in the multiverse, with its inhabitants slaughtered by unknown forces. If Isabelle and her friends wish to avoid the same fate, they must grow fast enough to avoid permanent death.

Note: this chapter is only posted on Royalroad, Scribblehub, and Patreon. If it is anywhere else, it has been posted there without my permission.

What to expect: This is a somewhat slower-paced serial-transmigration story, centered around the adventures of the main character and her friends through various worlds in the multiverse. I want each world to feel like a complete story, so expect the story to take a little longer in each world than some other stories in the serial transmigration genre.

Uploads 3 chapters a week.

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Alternate World Ancient Times Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Character Growth Elemental Magic Fantasy World Female Protagonist Friendship Futuristic Setting Game Elements Grinding Hard-Working Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Level System Lost Civilizations Medieval Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnation RPG Transmigration Weak to Strong World Hopping World Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 78: spellcasters and shapers (2)

    Very strong story about people who are picked up by remnants of cosmic forces, allowing them to remember past lives and grow stronger as long as they follow the constraints that cosmic forces impose upon them. Fun story so far where each setting is a novel more or less, and I'm at least looking forward to more.

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    Status: chapter 74: manifestation test

    Generally your story is good. I like the market and magic systems. The only issue I see is that you barely show what the characters do other than their magic and powerfantasy. They dont engage much with others and we dont learn enough about the natives. It's all very superficial.

    The first world was a bit better on this, but since we hit the second one we don't know that much about the MC's parents. Sure we know the superficial stuff and what they represent. I just wish we got like 2 - 3 more chapters of childhood and the MC actually interacting with her parents and siblings. Especially so considering that they were once again stuck in a house for ages.

    At the same time I also feel like it's enough, but I do want to see more relevant characters in the future and generally for them to spend more time in a few worlds and therefore more depth to worldbuilding and the characters.

    The one thing that stood out in a bad way is how the characters act like adults in a childs body. Their mannerisms and speech would be way too creepy to parents who already had multiple children. Furthermore the parents care too much about them which doesnt always fit the worldsetting.

    The worst offender was that she spoke about the ocean and madness as affinities to her master. How does she even know about the ocean if they are mostly cave-dwellers? There was no mention of books or anything being taught as far as I can remember. Other characters also bend to the MC's and her troupes will way too often even if the author does create conflicts about their choices. The adults always fold.

    Once again I want to say that I like the story and binged it, but it could be better.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: final thumb update (hopefully).

    Really like the novel! Keep it up author!

    ... and I also really wanted to post a review at this exact chapter so it can be immortalised here.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 176: manifestation essence

    I mean, WoW!

    Really good multi-world hopping book. The worlds are well made, the characters have well crafted personalities that you would want to follow along their journey. Kept me glued to this book for a good amount of time. Can't wait for more!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 169: wars and gangs

    First thing I feel compelled to mention, since I drop most stories on the first page due to just being unable to handle awkward prose and dialogue: hey, this story is real pleasant to read.

    I love a story about found family, especially when their interpersonal struggles are the result of external stressors being imposed upon them, and the characters deal with this by genuinely caring about one another. This story has the good stuff.

    Seeing an afterlife beset by capitalism is somewhat depressing, but the glimpses into the lives of people who nevertheless showed humanity and kindness to one another in the midst of all that are heartwarming, so I'd say it balances out.

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    Status: chapter 116: healing (2)

    Love it, the start was a bit slow but OH getting into it, the really smart, logical development of abilities so far has me loving the current story arc, everythings shining really well at the moment. It really feels like thought was put into these abilities and how the MC uses them, my only issue is that the two major supporting characters at the moment haven't had their 'moment of magic' where they did something smart and outstanding. Can't wait though.

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    Status: chapter 22: time and growth

    This series really knows what it's doing.

    I am still on my first world they go to, so I do not have a thorough idea of what the large-scale pacing will be like just yet, but I am definitely liking what I'm seeing so far. The author did a good job with creating a magic system based around the idea of there being different forms of magic in different worlds.

    The best and key appeal of the story, however, is how the author fully leverages the multi world-hoping nature of the story to create worlds with interesting and unique magic systems, cultures, and threats. This allows for them to create settings that you simply would not see in your standard long-form fantasy series due to the world building lacking the legs for a story that's hundreds of chapters long, but is just perfect for the shorter periods of time the cast is supposed to be staying in each world, and it is a real refreshing breath of fresh air to see these really imaginative worlds and magic systems.

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