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/ Series / Reincarnated as my enemy’s sister [LITRPG/PROGRESSION FANTASY]
Reincarnated as my enemy’s sister [LITRPG/PROGRESSION FANTASY]
Reincarnated as my enemy’s sister [LITRPG/PROGRESSION FANTASY]
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What happens when immortals die? In Nima, they are reborn, beginning a new life cycle while retaining their memories. However, in Drazhan's case, something goes wrong, and he finds himself reborn in the body of his enemy's sister.

With his newfound appearance resembling his enemy, his plan to assassinate the royal family appears more feasible. There's just one problem: his enemy's sister is a low-level and utterly inept botanist.

Struggling to maintain control of her body, his mission remains unchanged: eliminate the royals and create chaos. Yet, as Drazhan soon discovers, accomplishing this task is much easier said than done!



Antihero Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Immortals Male Protagonist Reincarnation
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Table of Contents
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