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/ Series / Wanderers of the Cosmic Frontier
Wanderers of the Cosmic Frontier
Wanderers of the Cosmic Frontier
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In the vast tapestry of existence, where worlds collide and destinies intertwine, a divine being named Azrael finds himself reborn into an unknown realm. Once a god of great power, he awakens with memories of the past and a profound sense of purpose. Azrael's journey begins as he embarks on a path of rediscovery, facing countless challenges, and fighting to survive in this strange new world.

With each trial, Azrael's powers gradually reemerge, and he must learn to wield them anew. Driven by an insatiable hunger for strength, he pushes himself to the limits, overcoming formidable adversaries and relentless obstacles. Every battle he endures brings him closer to his ultimate goal: to transcend the boundaries of mortality and ascend to godhood once again.

But Azrael's ambitions extend far beyond his personal quest. As he grows in might, he sets his sights on the cosmos itself. His travels take him to far-flung galaxies and distant dimensions, where he encounters beings of unimaginable power and diverse cultures. Along his celestial odyssey, Azrael amasses a loyal following, individuals who are captivated by his indomitable spirit and inspired by his unwavering determination.

Amidst the splendor and chaos of the cosmos, Azrael must confront the depths of his own soul and make choices that will shape the destinies of countless worlds. Will he overcome the challenges that lie ahead and rise to celestial supremacy, or will he be consumed by the very forces he seeks to command? Only time will unveil the true extent of Azrael's power and the impact he will have on the cosmos itself.


ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSci-fiSupernatural
Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Adventurers Character Growth Clumsy Love Interests Cyberpunk Dragons God Protagonist Level System Magic Outer Space
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