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The Grand Weave
The Grand Weave
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Cyrus was ready to party, only to be suddenly killed in a flash of light. Next thing he knows, he's being offered a deal by a suspicious god.

With a new body and some magic skills, he is to be reborn in a new world. The land is filled with dangerous monsters, mysterious rifts, and flashy magic. Given vague directions on where to go, he can only hope he survives long enough to figure out what to do.

And maybe, just maybe, achieve immortality in the process.
Will be posting one a day (minimum) till I catch up to RR posts.

* This is a slow-to-start story. What that means is the MC will take a while to get his full powerset.

* The MC is mainly a summoner/spellblade(spellspear). A lot of interactions with his summons are involved and will usually be shown by italicized text.

* This story contains some swearing, not overly so but is liberal in its use.

* Most of the story is your typical adventure litrpg. There are moments where grimdark/gore/darker-themed scenes will be involved. Nothing that should require a warning label, but if needed, there will be one before the chapter starts.

* MC is bisexual. This does not mean there are a lot of sex scenes or romantic relations in the story. Simply put, the character has an attraction to men and women. If this turns you off, then perhaps the story isn't for you. (This is an Isekai fantasy, not a harem nor a romance slice-of-life. There will be no descriptive chapters solely for the purpose of sex. At most, you will get a brief fade to black if a scene ever comes along.)

Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Beast Companions Bisexual Protagonist Demons Fantasy World Magic Race Change Reincarnated into Another World Summoning Magic Tentacles Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Great story!  Can't wait for more chapters to be released!  Keep it up!

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    Status: chapter 24: unexpected growth

    Excellent slow burn! Needs moar eyeballs, and I hope we get a lot more chapters.

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