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/ Series / Bring Me The Witch’s Heart
Bring Me The Witch’s Heart
Bring Me The Witch’s Heart
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When a witch dies, her body transforms into a magical tree. Warlocks harvest the wood from these witch-trees to craft powerful artefacts. But witches live a long life and don’t die easily. That's why they hunt them.

When nineteen-year-old Eileen is attacked by a terrifying warlock, she follows a mysterious black cat into a hidden realm. Forced into a world of magic beyond her comprehension, she learns she’s descended from witches. And her ancestry is far more intricate than what she expected.
Caught up in a web of royal conspiracies, she finds that this is not the utopia she had been promised.
As she uncovers the secrets of the Witch Queens, she will question what she knows about love and belonging. A stupidly handsome warlock, Adrian, will make matters more complicated when he reveals why he’s been chasing after her.

Enemies by nature, Eileen and Adrian must unite against a common threat—a dark force is pulling the strings to bring war and chaos to humans and witches alike.

As their feelings for each other grow, they must fight the unknown forces at play before it's too late.

Will Eileen have what it takes to make the hard decisions when the time comes?

Aristocracy Artifact Crafting Average-looking Protagonist Beast Companions Complex Family Relationships Conditional Power Contracts Emotionally Weak Protagonist Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Evil Organizations Fantasy World Female Protagonist Female to Male Gate to Another World Love Interest Falls in Love First Mysterious Family Background Mysterious Past Mystery Solving Nobles Power Struggle Romantic Subplot Summoning Magic Witches World Hopping
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Table of Contents
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