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Open World Online (O.w.O)
Open World Online (O.w.O)
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“Hello everyone!!”

*A rather energetic young female voice can be heard through the ad as in the background one can see a vast view of grass plains on a beautiful sunny day. Windmills decorate the place as if people looking at a medieval peaceful village.*

“We welcome you to Open World Online (O.w.O)”

*The display changes from that background into another set of people walking, wearing unique-looking garments, travelling throughout many different-looking cities, and fighting strange-looking yet fearsome creatures resembling mythical beasts found in legends.*

“A hyper-realistic game designed with the latest technology in mind. Be immersed in this world where fantasy becomes real, where dreams can become reality!”

*Other people are chatting, showing affection to one another, trading their earned money for food, weaponry, bottles, or the like*

“Looking for an ‘oomph’ that you so desire in life? Something to satiate your wanderlust or a rush of adrenaline fighting powerful monsters?”

*The scenery changes to multiple beautiful sights from nature. Sun setting on top of the highest mountains, vast blue ocean with large-sized fishes jumping around the ship, and hallway of royalties decorated with gold, then into a battle with fearsome dragon deafening the place with its mighty roar.*

“Or desiring to become the strongest ever to hold power in your grasp fighting against other players?”

*The scenery changes to a rather large colosseum where one figure is pitted against another in a heated battle of swords. Behind them are spectators cheering them, it is an intense fight between each other until one becomes a winner where gold rains upon them as they emit a victory roar.*

“Or create your empire that lasts for ages?”

*The image of a king or queen sitting on their magnificent throne can be seen in the background. They raised their hand as many people knelt in front of them showing their rule.*

“Try our game! It is free with the device port! Just sign your name and send your email address to this link.”

PS: This is the upgrade/merge version of my previous works, please enjoy! ^_^ . Apologies for the grammar, English is not my native language.
Most of the stories were told from 1st person's POV but there will be some changes in between.
I'll update it when I can or when inspiration hits me.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsSlice of LifeSupernatural
Adventurers Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Game Elements Introverted Protagonist MMORPG RPG Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Virtual Reality
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