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/ Series / The Ultimate Extra – No Treasure Needed
The Ultimate Extra – No Treasure Needed
The Ultimate Extra – No Treasure Needed
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4.8 (14 ratings)
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Our protagonist is just a simple young man, one who enjoys playing games more than anything else. Until one day, he answers a question. A simple act that changes his life forever, as he's thrown into the game he's played more than any other.

However he enters not as the protagonist of the story, but a total extra, Thomas. With the lowest stats, no abilities, no talent, and in a world where [Treasure] is important, he's stripped of the ability to even use them???

Even with the worst luck, the worst character, and the worst possible fate to him, Thomas decides that he will make the most of this second life. Fighting against the system, helping to raise protagonists, becoming the shadow king of the academy, and becoming a threat even bigger than the final boss himself? A true story of weak to strong, Thomas promises that he will take on a role none could ever have imagined.

He will become the strongest. The Ultimate Extra.

Arc 1: The Raid on the Beginner's Village - Aureal

-Slow-paced story with whimsical and kind, yet realistic protagonist that enjoys fighting and strategy.
-Strong inter-character relationships with good development.
-Polygamy and harem ahead, though it may take a while for it to come together.
-Protagonist goes from extremely weak to eventually becoming the strongest. All of his power-ups are hard work, effort, and development based. He has a unique ability that nobody else in the world has, but that alone doesn't make him OP right away.

AdventureFantasyHaremIsekaiSchool Life
Academy Artifacts Bullying Childhood Friends Demons Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Evil Gods Friendship Game Elements Hard-Working Protagonist Harsh Training Hiding True Abilities Jack of All Trades Leadership Loner Protagonist Outcasts Polygamy Popular Love Interests Reincarnated into a Game World Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance Strong Love Interests Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: Chapter 15: Unique Magic (Finale)

    One of the few stories I look forward to read everyday when I log in. It is a fresh look on reincarnating in a game world. The MC and supporting characters are enjoyable and fleshed out. Stats and the game world are simple and not excessive. I highly recommend this story. Take a look in the Glossary for more information about the story.

    EDIT: story went from daily to unkown, so I am sad.

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