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/ Series / I was reborn as the 3rd prince
I was reborn as the 3rd prince
I was reborn as the 3rd prince
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4.2 (14 ratings)
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Our character, who lost his life due to cancer, finds himself in another world, in another body.

Moreover, his new body is the 3rd prince of the Asina kingdom. Ethan does not understand why he came to this world, but he aims to make better use of his second chance and become a king who will go down in history. But it wouldn't be that easy. He would fight to achieve his goal in this world of magic and all kinds of mysteries.

Let's see if our character Ethan can get to the top.
"This is my first attempt, so there may be mistakes."
"The focus is not on sexuality."
"The R18 scenes will start after the first 50-60 episodes."

Accelerated Growth Age Progression Apathetic Protagonist Aristocracy Army Bookworm Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Childhood Love Corruption Cruel Characters Dragons Empires Enemies Become Lovers European Ambience Family Conflict Forced Marriage Imperial Harem Kingdom Building Leadership Management Sword And Magic Wars
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