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The Dragon’s Flower
The Dragon’s Flower
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4.5 (115 ratings)
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After an accident, she found herself possessing a small cannon fodder’s body inside a novel she was reading! But why did the storyline seems to be a little different than what she had read?

Xiao Hua, the body she was currently possessing, will die if she stayed around Princess Long Lian and the Third Prince Long Zhu, but her escape plan failed and gotten herself tricked to be the prince’s maid! She expected her days will be full of torture, but why did he pamper her to an unbelievable degree?

The Third Prince was supposed to be an unambitious prince, a cannon fodder, but he did not act according to his script! He went wild by arming himself with power and gathered the heroine’s supporting male leads to go against the hero and heroine!

Aiya, did she transmigrated to a dark version of the novel instead of the original one?

[Disclaimer: Cover is a fanart by Cheeneyh]
[This is not a FULL VERSION! The full version is only available at Amazon, and other sales channels.]

[All NSFW content are removed and only available in my Patreon page or ebook]

ComedyFantasyIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Bodyguards Cultivation Cute Protagonist Dense Protagonist Doting Love Interests Female Protagonist Fujoshi Maids Multiple Transported Individuals Mythical Beasts Reincarnation Royalty Second Chance System Administrator Transmigration
Table of Contents 252
Reviews 10
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 26

    Although this story was okay considering how many bad transmigration stories there are, I find a few faults with it. 

    1. Although the character is from modern times and is an adult, I would rather she have been a teen. Why? Because I don't really see any adult actions from her. Now she does have a childish nature in general, but I feel like that would have been a better fit.

    2. The story gets a little repetitive once you get into it. 


    When the third prince does things like touch the MC's legs and chin, it seems really awkward. At first it's okay because its shocking, but I feel like after repeating it several other times it gets boring.


    3. I can see the character traits of the MC but there seems to be overall not much development for others.

    Maybe the story isn't for me or maybe this is too early in to judge, but I'll be leaving it in the dropped list for now. I do appreciate the number of chapters though.

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    Status: vol 2 chapter 40

    The Dragon's Flower is a cute drama-comedy that explores the usual tropes of transmigration into ancient civilization novels. 

    This story follows the plot of Xiao Hua, a transmigrated girl, and her love interest, the third prince,  


    a reincarnated soul.


    So far the main plot of the story has revolved around the instances of Xiao Hua being integrated into a world that has begun to change drastically from the novel that she had originally read, as well as noticing strange occurrences such as coincidental doppelgangers.

    And, while this might make the plot sound more like some type of psychological mystery, may I assure you that it is not. The entire tone of the novel is written in the perspective of Xiao Hua who is very childish, sometimes in a endearing way and sometimes in an irritably dense way.

    The novel is a sweet and casual read that is definitely recommended to those who liked reading transmigration novels with some bite and spice protagonists like Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator and I Refuse To Be A Supporting Character. Though, I will have to remind you, that you will not find a hint of intelligence in the protagonist in this novel.

    There are a few inconsistencies to be mentioned, such as the before noted lack of intelligence of our protagonist. In fact, while I was reading the story, I was extremely surprised that the dense protagonist tag was not included in the story's description.  Usually, this would just be a case of lacking a tag, but the protagonist is contradicting portrayed as both intelligent and incredibly stupid, which while cute, is all the more frustrating in certain scenes.

    The protagonist is supposed to be a transmigrated soul of a mid-twenties office worker from (I suppose) an English speaking country where Chinese is just her presented culture / heritage, but her mind resembles that of the character she transmigrated into, a child.

    She lacks any sense of discipline, and type of tact, and most notably, acts like a child to the point that it seems impossible that she was anything else before that. It would have been much more fitting if the protagonist had been a high schooler, because otherwise many of the story's character aspects don't really match up, and changing the protagonist's initial age would fix most of the plot related problems.


    Such as when she meets the 8th Prince, she is able to see through his deceptions, which implies that our protagonist knows how to read people and their expressions, due to her previous age, which then contradicts her oblivious nature when it comes to the sneaky matters and reactions of characters like Si Si, An Wan, and An Jing. 

    If she were a high schooler just interning for the compnay instead of working for it, the same plot rules could apply from earlier and it could excuse some of her more naive behavior, because no woman in her mid-twenties is that naive and oblivious unless she had been in a coma for the past decade.


    The story also has your usual tense and grammar issues, often switching past and present tense in a single sentence, along with having at times, a very awkward and wordy dialogue that doesn't fit the comedic tone of the series.

    Overall I would give this series a 4.2 or 4.3, as while it has a great idea and a wonderful style, there are some matters in its execution that need to be addressed, i.e. The before mentioned problems.

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    Status: vol 8 chapter 278 – i’m now...

    My favorite shoujo, many tropes mix and match in here, narration well done and keep reader engaging.

    The only things that I just difficult to accept is the MC being passived well maybe that's the shoujo or josei MC. Anyway that's not problems for me just because I accustomed reading MC going in novel or game and knew the plots well and tadah become OP

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    Status: c17

    Good. Extremely good. Please more lovey dovey... huhuhu.... hope for romance... more and moarrr Hahaa.. cool interesting story. Love it. Author-san.. please update

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    Status: vol 1 chapter 15

    I really like this story! The plot line is rather refreshing with the kind princess and the "useless " MC. 


    The MC wasn't a top doctor or assassin or something in her previous live and her reactions are realistic

    And the way it's written is beautiful! When a began I just couldn't stop haha. I also didn't find grammatical mistakes. UwUAll in all it's a great story that deserves the five stars lol.

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    Status: vol 2 chapter 58 – from now on...

    One of my favorite stories ♡

    I just love how she has wrote this story. Feel refreshed with how She put everything all together. I just found myself laughed at the latter parts. 


    She can put every genre together. Like transmigrations, reincarnation, system things and even lgbt hoho. The second fav interaction after Xiao hua and Third Prince are between Xiao Hua and the Eight Prince. The duo transmigration never fail to made my day.


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    Status: c33

    This story is SOOO GOOOOD that I made an account specially just to leave a review here. I just love everything about this story, really. The characters are interesting, the plot is intriguing, the pacing is just right, and there is a right amount of comedy and mystery. I have read quite a lot of transmigration stories, but I still find this story really refreshing. Great job, Author! Looking forward to the next chapters~~<3

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    Status: ch 33

    The story is really enjoyable so far! It’s easy to read and incredibly engaging for me. The protagonist is adorable and I like how 


    not everything is as it seems when the protag compares what she read from the novel in her past life and the world she lives in now.


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    Status: c30

    I... LOVE IT ok? Ok. It's a refreshing trasmigation story, the MC isn't stupid and even if she have knowledge of the 21 century, it doesn't mean she knows how to use it to her favour... She is just a normal girl with normal knowledge and isn't OP. She doesn't like her situation at all because she knows she is helpless. The MC is inoccent and a little dense, but not to the point to be a white flower. 

    Most of the time you find what she thinks really funny, and she is accepting that the world she trasmigated is a real world and not the world of a novel. I like the strong type MC but I can't help to fell in love with this MC, I too want to dote her.

    I think the prince is a reincarnator and that why he is so doting with the MC. There is still so much to reveal like: why the people in this world have the same face with some people of the original world of the MC? Why the personality of the prince is diferent? 

    I can't wait for the next chapter ♡ 

    Thanks author ♡

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    1 Likes · Like

    I am loving this! Great work! Keep it coming please!

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